Weekend-long event at Hospitalfield

Hospitalfield House. Picture by Ross Fraser McLean
Hospitalfield House. Picture by Ross Fraser McLean

Hospitalfield House has arranged a ‘Citizen’ Spring Season open weekend on April 22 and 23.

These Citizen events include a chance to explore the house, learn about its history and get involved in talks, workshops and performances connected to the artists’ projects.

Citizen includes film and video work from Scottish and International artists, installed throughout the house.

Laura Simpson, programme manager said: “When we think of cities, particularly when we are imagining the city from the country, we think of a mass of people – a single body – with no one voice heard through the cacophony of so many.

“In these works, the artists are observing individuals and in ‘The Neighbour Before the House’, by Mumbai collective artist studio Camp, we hear the voices of the citizen, gentle and thoughtful, describing a familiar urban landscape.”

During the open weekend the artists’ works show citizens and cities from across the globe. Runa Islam has filmed rickshaw drivers at rest in Dhaka; Seamus Harahan has pictured the monumental and quiet evidence of separation in Northern Ireland; Winnie Herbstein has filmed car enthusiasts in Arbroath and the collective studio CAMP from Mumbai have filmed with families in Jerusalem.

Visitors to the open weekend will be able to see these exceptional international works as well as meet the artists during the talk and performance events.

Laura Simpson added: “We look forward to welcoming everyone during these weekends which are a time to really get to know us and the house as well as see some inspiring art work. There’s a family friendly workshop on Saturday morning which teaches quick animation techniques and is run by artist and illustrator Rebecca Brown who was recently part of our residency programme.” 

Events programme

Throughout The Weekend - Seamus Harahan, Winnie Herbstein and Runa Islam, artwork installed.

Artists: Camp, Seamus Harahan, Winnie Herbstein, Runa Islam.

Workshops: Rebecca Brown, Margaret Salmon.

Cafe: Chef Gillian Veal is going to make a street food themed café for everyone to enjoy.

Saturday April 22

11am – 1pm: Quick animation workshop with Rebecca Brown

noon – 1pm: Heritage tour

1pm – 1.15pm: Performance reading by Winnie Herbstein

2pm – 3pm: Heritage tour

3pm – 6pm: In-Conversation with Runa Islam, Opening Reception, Skype Intro by CAMP and Screening of ‘The Neighbour Before the House’

Sunday, April 23

10.30am – 4.30pm: Superlux Workshop: The Observational Camera, Margaret Salmon

1pm – 1.15pm: Performance reading by Winnie Herbstein

2pm – 2.30pm: Talk about Hospitalfield’s historic maps by Alasdair Sutherland

3pm – 4pm: Heritage Tour

More information about the artists and the work on show can be found on http://hospitalfield.org.uk/whats-on/events/spring- season-2017/

Spring Cafe open for lunch and cakes, 10.30am – 5pm; House and Garden open to explore, 11am – 5pm.