Youngsters are young stars!

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THE ABBEY Theatre Youth Group helped dispel some of the ‘mystery’ of drama this week during their production of ‘Holka Polka’.

It ran from Tuesday until Thursday, and as the play itself was just under an hour in length, producers Alan Johnston and Carol Bruce decided to let the audience in on a few trade secrets.

The children demonstrated six exercises used to develop their stage skills in observation, concentration and story knowledge.

Particularly entertaining were the hammed-up death scenes and back-chatting corpses during the game of ‘wink murder’.

Holka Polka, by David M. Larson, told the story of the witches of Fairytale Land, who after years of evil deeds, were being forced to change their ways or lose their powers.

To complete this public relations volte face the witches dispatched a ‘good’ witch in a quest to save the prince who had been placed under a sleeping spell.

Along the way she met a host of familiar fairytale characters, but all with a bit of a twist. A neurotic princess, a hard-done-by wolf, a villainous Pinnochio, a secretive Humpty Dumpty, a devious Fairy Godmother and a host of wise-cracking witches, wizards and evil sisters.

The enthusiasm of the children was plain to see, and their cheeky banter crackled with energy, providing many hearty chuckles from the audience.

The organisers of the Abbey Theatre Youth Group can rest assured that they have a fertile crop of budding talent to call on in the future.

Praise must go to the young thespians for their hard work and commitment, in no particular order they are: Siobahn Dear, Zoe Killoh, Georgia Ritchie, Cameron Couzins, Deanna Johnston, Fraser Hunter, Angus Hunter, Daryl Anderson, Claire Maud, Fraser Fair, Hayley Morris, Terri Baker, Jamie Smith, Josef Sheerin, Emily Barnes, Emma Maud, Claire Maud and Kate Cummings.

The costumes were top notch as always, thanks to the efforts of Susie McKinstray and Jean Henderson.

Pat McInroy, fortunately had little to do as prompt and Stephen Gilbert and friends were on the ball on the lights.

Abbey Theatre’s next production will be a double bill with John Kelly’s ‘Two wits to woo’ and ‘The handbag’ by Anthony Horowitz, from August 13 to 25.

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