No no no no. Yes, it’s the Vicar of Dibley

Lined up at rehersal on Tuesday are the cast of MAD Monifieth with their new play The Vicar of Dibley.
Lined up at rehersal on Tuesday are the cast of MAD Monifieth with their new play The Vicar of Dibley.

The latest MAD production could be just that, as this summer they present a very rare stage version of the wonderfully madcap ‘Vicar of Dibley’.

Monifieth Amateur Dramatic will perform in the Monifieth Theatre from Thursday, June 13, to Saturday, June 15, and then Thursday, June 20, to Saturday, June 22.

A production of ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ is a rare thing indeed as director John Barton revealed. He said: “MAD has been given special permission by its writers, Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer. We’ve been allowed to adapt three scripts from the television episodes, ‘The Arrival’, ‘The Engagement’ and ‘Dibley Live’.”

As a result Mad will make a donation of £480 to Comic Relief as a way of saying thank you for the opportunity.

MAD stalwart, Sharon Bennett stars as the indomitable vicar, Geraldine Granger, the big lady with the even bigger heart whose plans usually end in disaster, through no fault of her own.

Cliff Cuthbertson, a now familiar face is wonderfully disdainful as the condescending David Horton, who struggles to create order on Dibley 
Parish Council.

True to form, Ann Sutherland is magnificent as the endearingly simple verger, Alice, always eager to help, yet completely unaware of the way the real world works.

Richard Cook is the bumbling and embarrassed Hugo Horton, loyal and steadfast, specialising in endearing 

Alan Hunter perfects 
the slow, almost to reverse-speed speaking pace of Frank Pickle, commonly suspected to be the world’s most boring man.

Donald Fraser returns to the stage as Jim ‘No no no no’ Trott who confuses and confounds with every word he utters and even more so with those he doesn’t!

Stuart Anthony has nailed the accent and mannerisms of Owen Newitt, the randy and revolting farmer, to a tee.

Tickets are on sale now at £8, or £6 concession, and are available from Troups Pharmacy, Monifieth, or the Yorkshire Building Society, Broughty Ferry or by calling 01382 480043.