Modern classic to be staged in Kirriemuir

Mull Theatre is delighted to be restaging ‘The Drawer Boy’, following an incredible response to last year’s Highlands and Islands tour.

Funny and moving, Michael Healy’s Canadian tale has become a true modern classic, picking up prestigious awards all around the world since it was first staged in 1999, and it will be coming to Kirriemuir Town Hall on Thursday, October 23.

It’s 1972 and Miles, an energetic and idealistic young actor, knocks on the door of an isolated farmhouse in rural Canada, seeking material for a new play he’s working on. He discovers Morgan, a gruff farmer working tooth and nail to survive, and Angus, his lifelong friend, who has long since lost track of the world.

But when the farmers let the city-boy into their home, Miles soon finds himself embroiled in their complex and intricate personal histories as he uncovers a tragic past riddled with guilt, secrecy, heartbreak and loss.

Beautifully written, and surprisingly funny, ‘The Drawer Boy’ lives long in the memory, and reminds us of the power of storytelling, friendship, and the thin line between truth and fiction.

Alasdair McCrone, director, said: “When we were rehearsing last year it was apparent right from the start that this play, as well as being almost perfect in construction and language was, in the words of the character Morgan, a real emotional roller-coaster.

“Three hardened, experienced actors found themselves laughing and crying and full of admiration for the writer and the script. It’s a beautiful play, full of truth and love, secrets and lies, a play that makes us care passionately about the characters we portray.

“We found ourselves as emotionally engaged on the last night of the tour as we had on the first, and coming back to re-rehearse this time we were immediately connected with the story and our characters.

“Working with one new cast member, James Mackenzie now taking over from Kevin Lennon playing the young actor Miles, Barrie Hunter and I wondered if he’d think we were a couple of sentimental old duffers, but when we looked at him at the end of the read-through it was clear that he’d been greetin’ too! But don’t worry that it’s all doom and gloom – far from it. This is a play about hope, trust, friendship and love. It’s also hilarious at times, so you need to be prepared for a bit of everything. We’re delighted to be bringing it back and touring to many of the places we couldn’t get to last year.”

‘The Drawer Boy’ opens at Druimfin, home to Mull Theatre, on Thursday, Oct 16 before touring to venues across Scotland throughout October and November. Further information can be found at