Be back before midnight from the Abbey Theatre

TICKETS are now on sale for Abbey Theatre’s latest spine-tingling production.

‘I’ll be back before midnight’, by Peter Colley, runs from February 4 to 16 and is a chilling suspense with just the right amount of comedy mixed in.

It follows the story of Jan, who has just left hospital after months of recuperation following a nervous breakdown.

Her husband Greg brings the fragile Jan to an isolated farmhouse to complete her recovery when strange happenings begin almost at once.

To make matters worse, Greg’s unnaturally close sister Laura arrives and George the demented neighbouring farmer appears.

To top it off, Jan experiences a series of weird manifestations, a hand at the window, blood on the floor, flickering lights and the sound of a ghostly heartbeat.

This is one nightmare that will leave you gasping with fear by the end of the night, just make sure and be back before midnight.

The producers wish to advise audiences that there will be unexpected loud noises and gunshots during this production.

Tickets are £7 and are available now by calling Visit Scotland on 01241872609 or by visiting the booking section at