Abbey goes backstage with ‘The Dresser’

AN ARBROATH theatre company will be showing their audiences exactly what happens backstage in their latest production.

The Abbey Theatre Club is to present their version of the acclaimed film and stage play ‘The Dresser’ later this month.

Set in 1942 it tells the story of a travelling theatre company which tours the country performing Shakespeare.

Written by Ronald Harwood the plot revolves around the relationship between the star of the show and the titular dresser.

‘Sir’ is a fading star and relies heavily on his loyal and attentive dresser, Norman, to keep him right. The play is a poignant and funny portrait of backstage ego and the hidden world of the stage.

The Dresser was nominated for several awards during its run on the West End and Broadway and was adapted into a film starring Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay in 1983.

Produced by Anne Smith, the show will run from Monday, May 20, to Saturday, June 1, excluding Sunday, at 7.30 p.m. in the Abbey Theatre, Abbot Street.

Tickets are available now priced at £7 by calling Visit Scotland on 01241 872609.

For more information on the Abbey Theatre Club visit