Sweet music at St Vigeans Church

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The summer season of afternoon concerts at St Vigeans Church continued on Sunday with a musical medley of styles.

Soprano Jill Kerr was accompanied by Sheena Guthrie and shared the programme with cornet player Bill Boyle who was in turn accompanied by Helen Boyle.

Songs by Irving Berlin, Noel Coward and George Gershwin may be out of fashion but the equal importance of balance between words and melody that they achieved still make good examples for today’s song-writers to follow.

Jill’s careful phrasing and clear diction, ably accompanied by Sheena, showed her talent to amuse in such songs as ‘If love were all’, ‘The party’s over’ and the story-telling of ‘Matelot’.

Bill passed over the trumpet in favour of his first love, the cornet, and the acoustics of the St Vigeans Church allowed the sweetness of the instrument to become apparent.

His choice of works also showed its versatility, precise timing between Helen’s piano and Bill’s jazzy ‘Intro, blues and trip-up’, cantabile tones in ‘Pastorale’, concluding with the show piece ‘Valse Brilliante’ were all brilliantly played.

Three Gershwin numbers from Jill brought the concert to a close.

Mrs Margaret Thomson thanked the performers for their selections and intimated that next week’s concert, starting at 2.30 p.m., would have three guests.

The scheduled guest artists are: Veronica Whiteside with Scots and Irish violin music; baritone Ken Murray with a selection of Vaughan Williams; and fellow baritone John Howie with a wider range from Handel, Schubert and Peter Warlock.

On Sunday, June 23, soprano Mairi Findlay will be joined by baritone David Ferguson and on Sunday, June 30, soprano Layla Brown and baritone Duncan Hunter perform.