LimeLight take a ‘Summer Holiday’

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On SATURDAY night, I went along to the Webster Memorial Theatre to see ‘Take Two’ of The LimeLight Company’s world record attempt to deliver the fastest theatrical performance.

I am delighted to say that I left the theatre after watching ‘Summer Holiday’ with a huge smile on my face having thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic night’s entertainment.

It was the company’s challenge to produce a full show from planning to execution in less than 22 hours, and they smashed this with a time of 20 hours and 30 minutes.

The curtain went up and, after the initial dingy London scene, the audience was met with the sight of a fantastic double decker bus that had been built on stage!

In addition, the stage crew, ably led by Craig Rioch and Neil Ballantyne, had built a ferry, aptly named ‘Cliffy’; acquired a miniature bus from Kerr’s Miniature Railway; created a remote control bus and a plethora of other stage props to bring the scenes to life.

As for the acting, there were too many comic moments to list but the sight of Geoff Bray playing the part of the long-suffering Jerry in a milkmaid’s outfit and Chris O’Mara as the Customs Officer pushing out his exposed midriff will make me smile for a while yet.

Jerry and power-hungry parent Stella, played by Tracy Gibson, made a great double act and provided much amusement as the pair ad-libbed their way out of some tricky situations.

Elaine Thomson, Lynne McIntosh and Sara Whitton portrayed the trio of ditzy wannabes, Do, Re and Mi. Their performances truly shone through with their lovely singing voices and their professional approach.

Scott Ramsay bravely played the lead part of Don. This was a huge part to take on but Scott’s admirable performance was fully appreciated by the audience. Alongside Scott was the American stowaway, Barbara, played by Louise Murray, who gave a polished performance with her beautiful vocals.

The ‘boys on the bus’, played by Gavin White, Jimmy Gray and Martin Gregory gelled well as a typical bunch of lads let loose on holiday.

The dancing girls and the kids of The LimeLight Company looked like they were having a great time and their enjoyment was shared by the audience.

This was helped along by the well-known tunes emanating from the orchestra pit that were provided by musical director Richard Allan and his team of talented musicians.

It is clear that a huge amount of work went on behind the scenes to bring this world record attempt to Arbroath and credit has to go to those people who played the less visible parts in this production.

The LimeLight Company has brought so many people together and created a wonderful community spirit and, for this alone, they deserve a medal.

If this record is tested by audience enjoyment, the standing ovation at the end clearly demonstrates that The LimeLight Company truly deserve to reclaim their title as world record holders.