How to eat takeaways without the guilt

You don't have to miss all your favourites when you want to eat healthily.
You don't have to miss all your favourites when you want to eat healthily.
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Whether we’re pressed for time or just fancy something mouth-wateringly good, we all love a takeaway.

Fresh fish and chips munched straight from the bag during a stroll along the seafront… a spicy Indian curry washed down with a cool beer… the complex flavours of our favourite Chinese meal… One recent survey estimated that every year in Britain we spend around £1320 each on takeaway meals, tucking into an average of 12 a month.

But while we seem to love the taste of a takeaway, how can we make sure that our fast food option is as healthy as it can possibly be? For a start, you could do worse than dropping into your local fish and chip shop. Today’s chippies now offer a range of different items which can help shave calories and fat content from a typical meal.

At the Round ‘O’ Chip Shop in Allan Street, Arbroath, they've worked hard to ensure health is as big a priority as taste. And fish is so good for you there's even a whole week devoted to promoting its goodness, with lots of tasty recipes online to inspire you.

Fancy a takeaway tonight? Here’s our guide to guilt-free fast food.

PIZZA: Hold the cheese and pile high with healthy vegetables and seafood like prawns and you’ll instantly make that pizza healthier. Avoid pizzas with cheese stuffed crusts and pick a thin crust instead.

FISH AND CHIPS: Quality fish and chip shops like the Round ‘O ‘ Chip shop offer fresh fish cooked in breadcrumbs – a healthier option than batter, and they cook in vegetable oil, not beef dripping. Add in a portion of peas or beans and you’ll benefit even more, or opt for the lite bite option at under 650 calories. Remember, traditional chip shop chips are better than thin cut fries – they absorb less of the fat.

CHINESE: Avoid deep fried starters like spring rolls and prawn crackers, and skip straight to main dishes that contain lots of vegetables and fish. Stick to plain boiled rice and dishes with fresh fish and seafood like mussels and prawns which are packed with vitamin B12 and Omega 3 oils - great for the brain and heart.

INDIAN: Curries can be deceptively high in fat – so choose carefully. Avoid creamy curries like kormas and masala, fried rice and deep fried starters like pakora, bhajis and samosas. Try something different like a prawn or fish – oily fish like super healthy mackerel can go well with Indian spices.

BURGERS: Steer away from adding extras on top like cheese, onion rings, bacon strips or creamy mayonnaise. Try a tasty fillet of breaded fish or salmon in a burger bun instead and save calories and saturated fat. Pile on the salad and opt for carrot sticks instead of chips.

If you’re in the mood for a takeaway, choose carefully - you’ll not only treat your tastebuds but could do your body a favour too. Find out more about Seafood Week online and how to choose healthy options by visiting