Red Lichtie tartan hits town at last!

Steven Sim with the Lichties tartan now in his studio.
Steven Sim with the Lichties tartan now in his studio.

THE CREATOR of Arbroath’s own Red Lichtie tartan has described his emotional reaction upon finally receiving the finished fabric.

Graphic designer Steve Sim was delighted on Friday when the first consignment of Red Lichtie tartan fabric was delivered by the Lochcarron of Scotland mill.

Speaking on Monday, an excited Steve spoke of his trip to Haq’s newsagent to collect his parcel.

He said: “The tartan fabric is now in Arbroath, the very first shipment is in the town. It’s actually come a wee bit early, by a week or so.

“I felt really excited actually, I felt like a child in a sweet shop! I felt like I had some sort of top secret assignment with special significance for the town.

“It’s getting tailored as we speak, and hopefully I’ll have the first Red Lichtie kilt on Friday (today).”

His friend, artist Jill Henderson, was on hand to film the grand opening. He said: “Jill videoed me opening it up. I did get emotional actually, because this has been a long journey for me and I shed a few tears.

“Seeing it in 2D on a screen is one thing, but seeing it as a fabric, it shimmers, like it has a light of its own.”

The fabric is now on its way to becoming a whole host of Red Lichtie garments, from kilts to ties, hats to ladies’ mini kilts and everything in between.

As a pre-Tartan Week event, there will be an informal launch of the Red Lichtie kilt at the Townhouse Hotel, High Street, on Saturday, March 30, with entertainment from Alan Mowatt.

Steve explained: “The kilt will be there on show from 6.15 p.m. and hopefully there will be other people in kilts there too. I will be there wearing the kilt and there will be three ladies wearing the new Red Lichtie mini kilts as well.”

On offer at the Red Lichtie’s first public event will be a tartan themed menu, and Steve has kindly invited anybody interested in seeing his design in the flesh to come along.

There will also be a Red Lichtie photoshoot at Hospitalfield House at which the various Red Lichtie garments will be captured in all their glory.

The Red Lichtie tartan was exclusively unveiled in the Arbroath Herald in October when it was given the seal of approval by the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council.

To find out more about the Red Lichtie tartan search for the Tartan Artisan on Facebook.