New technique takes to a larger canvas

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Arbroath artists will have the chance to see a very special art demonstration tonight (Friday).

Arbroath Art Society will welcome Dundee artist Douglas Roulston to the Old and Abbey Church hall at 7.30 p.m. to demonstrate on a large scale his rapid hand painting style.

Douglas has an MFA in Fine Art and his work, which mostly focuses on Romanticism in landscapes only recently discovered this new technique.

He explained: “I sometimes use my hands to blend areas of the work.

“During a workshop I recently discovered that I could create a vibrant and relatively detailed landscape in front of an audience in under five minutes using my hands. I only discovered that I had a talent for this when a gentleman mentioned that I should sell the work as it has real expressive and energetic qualities.”

Douglas has previously used his technique to produce relatively small works of art but will be pushing the envelope of his skills as he attempts to create something much larger.

He said: “I have decided to produce a large scale work in the same style to highlight to my audience that brushes are not always needed to produce a painting.

“This is completely out of my comfort zone but I really like a challenge and definitely feel that it is worth talking about.”