Masterstroke by society at display

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THE 67TH annual exhibition by members of the Arbroath Art Society opened at Arbroath Library on Saturday.

With 90 featured paintings in a variety of styles and mediums, art lovers will surely find something that catches their attention.

The exhibition runs until Saturday, September 15 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays, except for Wednesday from 1 p.m. and all day Sunday when the library is closed.

The exhibition is cleverly divided roughly into subject matter and even within some fairly tight topics the range of both focus and medium is quite astonishing.

For example there are is an Arbroath / maritime theme, an Olympic theme, landscapes, animals, character study and still life, as well as some abstract modern pieces in both paint and material.

All of the artwork is worthy of mention, but this reviewer must unfortunately concentrate on the things which caught his eye.

Annette Thomson’s ‘Seagreens by St Cyrus’ was particularly noticeable for the artists’ strong brush strokes and use of bold colouring.

‘Quayside’ by Jean Scott was a study in acrylic of a moored boat, and the dappling reflection on the water was very well done.

In the sporting section Sheila Baxter’s ‘Going for Gold’ excellently conveys motion through her kayakers, and her sea spray is very realistic.

Also in this section, Aileen Simpson’s sepia watercolour, ‘Gone Fishing’, is worthy of mention alone for the intricate rippling water effect radiating out from the angler.

‘Baskets for sale’ in acrylic by Meg Manson uses strong dark colours, with the figure at right creating movement and the colourful hanging baskets contrasting and drawing the eye.

Margaret Wynne’s delightful ‘Snow Tree’ inventively uses what appears to be raw cotton with more traditional thread to create an enchanting picture.

‘Yorkshire Stone’ by Marjory Armstrong using oils was particularly eye catching because of the solitary nature of the subject and the mixed purples and pastels of the sky.

Peter Taylor tackles the modernist school with a mixture of movement created by a wide flowing ribbon of colour and contrasts this with more rigid blocks of solid colours to produce an eye catching piece.

All of the pieces are for sale, with a few having already been sold to appreciative customers, and members of the Arbroath Art Society will be on hand to help or provide information.

On our website is a brief preview of the exhibition, to see it visit