Arbroath’s answer to Bridget Jones online now

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A NEW Arbroath author is hoping that her first novel could make the transition from e-readers to print in the New Year.

Louise Burness is currently in talks with an agent in Edinburgh for the publication of her first novel, ‘Crappily Ever After’.

The novel which is currently only available in electronic form is a semi-autobiographical account of her mishaps in the world of love.

Louise said: “It is available on Amazon Kindle only at the moment but the free Kindle app can be downloaded from Amazon. I hope to release it in hard copy in the New Year. I am looking into agents at the moment but it has been self published for now.”

Louise was encouraged by her friends to write down her hilarious exploits, and what started as a cathartic exercise has grown into a genuine and heart-warming novel.

The story centres around Lucy Ramsay, whose dreams of a perfect life, fulfilling job, beautiful family and handsome husband, are gradually degraded by a series of disappointments and terrible relationships.

Then one day, when it seems that nothing will ever change, Lucy is left some money in a will and uses it to break free. Without spoiling the plot too much, let us just say that Lucy’s romantic adventures are not quite finished.

Much of the action is based on Louise’s own experiences. She said: “I’ve changed the names to protect the guilty.”

The novel is selling steadily and has attracted 15 five-star ratings on Amazon. One reviewer, ‘vcr’ said: “I love this book! I couldn’t put it down. I laughed, I cried. Louise gives Bridget Jones a run for her money.”

Louise has returned to Arbroath to launch her novel and is currently working on her second book. She hopes to make a career as a novelist. ‘Crappily Ever After’ is currently available on Amazon priced £4.11.