Appolinari wows at the Webster

The dancers of Appolinaro Dance Studio at the dress-rehearsal of their latest show.
The dancers of Appolinaro Dance Studio at the dress-rehearsal of their latest show.

The pupils of the Appolinari Dance Studio certainly gave their Dance Director Edwina Barraclough much to be proud of when they performed in front of a capacity audience in the Webster Memorial Theatre on June 20.

There was a wealth of talent on display in what was a well arranged, well choreographed programme which embraced all of the styles of dance taught at the Studio.

Whilst most of the choreography was by Edwina herself, the excellent hip hop numbers were in the capable hands of Beth Callon.

Class one (assisted by Remy Beattie and Beth Callon) Rebecca Ansell, Rebecca Baxter, Libby Broughton, Kayla Cargill, Kayleigh Chisholm, Sophia Cowan, Emily Dickson, Nell Falconer, Ruby Feighan, Gracie Geddes, Lucy Hamilton, Olivia Howes, Sophia Jarret, Reighan Kennedy, Maia McEwan, Lucy MacFarlane, Katie McGinnis, Alanna Miller, Jody Pert, Cora Brown, Lilli Jane Buchanan, Ava Callon, Ava Chisholm, Libby Coull, Kelsey Geddes, Amy Johnston, Sadie Mann, Prudence McQuade, Rhiannan Morris, Libby Neave, Mia Multina, Lilly Petrie, Freya Robertson, Georgia Smith, Lucy Spence, Heather Strathdee, Erin Swankie, Leah Watson and Lexi Williams.

The wee ones looked beautiful in their colourful folk costumes for their ‘Norwegian Dance’. They gave the audience a treat with their first ballet steps, all tricked out in their lovely tu-tus. The pace then quickened with a lively ‘Never Too Old To Rock’ and dressed in shades of pink they danced an up to date ‘Hip Hop’ number.

Class two (assisted by Remy Beattie and Beth Callon) Olivia Geddes, Niamh Hammond, Lucy Harley, Ava Holmes, Emily Parker, Lia Pert, Grace Sargeant and Lauren Strachan.

Class two started with an ‘Excerpt from Mary Poppins’ which was well executed by the girls. Animal print costumes were then to the fore when they carried out their ‘Hip Hop’ piece. This was danced with enthusiasm and contrasted well with their tu-tus when they performed a pretty waltz from the ballet ‘Giselle’.

We must make special mention of the ‘Excerpt from Les Miserables’ where we saw a lovely moving piece of music beautifully danced by Grace Sargeant accompanied by the beautiful clear singing voice of Prudence McQuade, a memorable vignette.

Class three (assisted by Beth Callon) Katelyn Clark, Poppy Donachie, Lana Duncan, Isla Fosbury, Shannon Gauld, Libby Jo Geddes, Maia Horn, Freya McMillan, Ella Penman, MacKenzie Riach, Lewis Robb, Evie Scrimger, Taylor Smith, Ellie Tindal and Rebecca Toal.

Class 3 burst onto the stage in their boisterous ‘Excerpt from Oliver’ which was full of fun. Lewis Robb and Lana Duncan performed well together in ‘Summer’ from the Disney film ‘Frozen’ which was followed by graceful adage ballets. ‘Bom Bom’ opened the second part of class two’s programme which was a very lively piece carried out by the girls with some fine teamwork. ‘Ring Around Rosy Rag’ displayed their tap talent and their ‘Hip Hop’ number was well executed.

Class four (assisted by Beth Callon) Alix Bowick, Megan Christie, Lauren Clark, Milly Cresswell, Daryl Geddes, Eilidh Hammond, Megan Kirmizi, Catie Mathieson, Rebecca McWatt, Akeisha Mitllari, Maya Robb, Natalie Robertson, Eve Swan, Ruby Wales and Emma Whitton.

‘Poka Italienne’ was their first dance of the evening and we were treated to good dancing and some fine footwork. The girls’ ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ was well choreographed and saw lively execution by them in their colourful Charleston period costumes. A thoughtful pas de deux by Milly Cresswell and Eve Swan showed very good technique en pointe. The class then changed gear with a proficient ‘Rock this Party’ and finished with their exciting and energetic ‘Hip Hop’ number. For girls so young, ‘If They Could See Me Now’ was expertly choreographed and danced by Natalie Robertson from Class four and Kezia Adam from Class five producing an excellent and enjoyable piece of musical theatre.

Class Five Saturday (assisted by Beth Callon) Kezia Adam, Amy Annandale, Emily Beisok, Iona Charters, Emily Clark, Jade Duncan, Cerys Ferguson, Jenna Geddes, Cameron Glen, Tanzy Hannigan, Phoebe Hill, Michalina Marchewka, Caitlin McFarlane, Rachael McWatt, Sarah Millar, Baillie Ross, Rachel Shepherd and Cara Spink.

Class five Saturday demonstrated good dancing skills in ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ followed by a lively ‘Hip Hop’ number. They performed a thoughtful ‘Waltz from the Jazz Suite’. The excellent stage lighting particularly enhanced their lovely colourful tu-tus and the dancers undertook some advanced ballet technique with enthusiasm. ‘Bang Bang’ was a lively Charleston style dance and ‘Arioso’ a slow graceful classical ballet piece when all were en pointe.

Class Five Wednesday - Devon Adam, Rebecca Annandale, Remy Beattie, Jaymie Bray, Beth Callon, Kimberly Cargill, Alanna Clark, Lisa Croall, Rosie Easson, Nicola Fairlie, Claire Farmer, Tegan Gray, Beth Hodgens, Kelsey McFarlane, Suzanne Millar, Chantell Mitllari, Ellice Parsley, Emily Sellars, Danielle Phillips and Ellen Wilson.

The senior class opened the show with a fast intricate tap dance to ‘Knee Deep In My Heart’. Kelsey McFarlane and Nicola Fairlie performed a memorable pas de deux in ‘Hold You’ which featured the pairs’ own innovative choreography. Ellice Parsley, Lisa Croall and Remy Beattie’s classical ballet pieces ‘Variation du Miroir’ and ‘I Giorni’ were both performed exceptionally well. The ‘Beach Boys’ which was choreographed and danced by Beth Callon, Devon Adam, Jaymie Bray and Danielle Phillips was a fun lively interlude which saw the girls costumed in their colourful Hawaiian shirts. ‘Dixie Biscuits’ saw Remy Beattie, Kathleen Esslemont, Jaymie Bray, Ellice Parsley, Devon Adam, Lisa Croall and Daniell Phillips performing a polished high energy number together.

Ellice Parsley’s ‘Styliste’ was another enpointe classical ballet delight which showcased Ellice’s exquisite technical ability. ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’ looked stunning with the girls costumed in red top hats, black and white striped waistcoats and red canes. This dance proved to be a visual highlight of the show and was danced with great style and technique. ‘Viva La Vida’ was a modern ballet divertissement which was both technically clever and visually pleasing. Remy, Lisa and Ellice with their own choreography, then treated us to ‘Run The World’ which was precision work carried out with great stage presence. The Class’s last number ‘Latin Rhythms’ saw an on stage explosion of colourful sequinned costumes which matched their intricate salsa dancing.

Adult Class (assisted by Ellice Parsley) Heidi Cathro, Stephanie Donachie, Kathleen Esslemont, Elaine Fosbur, Gwen Geddes, Karen Greig, Debbie McDonald, Marie McDonald, Kirsten Hammond, Vicky Milne, Audrey Shepherd, Stacey Small, Catherine Spurway, Gillian Strathdee and Stephanie Watson

Seven young ladies from the adult class worked well with great teamwork and showed some lovely fluid lines in ‘Catch The Wind’. ‘Halo’ which followed, was also performed well and a colourful salsa number ‘Sin Frenos’ was lively and was danced with lots of style.

The Studio’s finale for the evening saw all of the classes on stage energetically Bhangra dancing. The driving beat of the music combined with the lighting and the colourful swirling costumes produced a visual on stage spectacle which brought another excellent evening of dance to an exciting close.