Thistles’ ladies have ‘six’ appeal

Brechin Thistles 6, St Andrews University 0

LAST Saturday, Brechin Thistle Ladies’ Hockey Club took on St Andrews University in the first match of the year.

The game started well with two goals in quick succession. The first was courtesy of Jane CARGILL who used a rebound off the goal.

The second came when Christie Morgan passed the ball into the ‘D’ for Laura Gray to deflect into the goal.

Before the first half was up, Jane CARGILL scored again, having received the ball from Ashleigh Leslie.

Half-time: Brechin Thistles 3, St Andrews 0.

The team entered the second half feeling confident and sure enough was awarded a short corner. Anne PEDGRIFT hit the ball straight from the top of the ‘D’ to the backboard.

Not long after this the Angus side was awarded another short corner. Christie MORGAN used this to great advantage, using a back stick to put the ball past the ‘keeper.

Nearing the end of the game the team’s morale was good and they were awarded a penalty flick. The pressure of the task was handed to Rachel MYLES who calmly put the ball to the right corner of the goal.

To keep a clean sheet ‘keeper Kelly Herron saved St Andrews shot at goal just before the end of the game.

Squad: Katie August, Jane Cargill, Laura Gray, Susan Gray, Debo Hair, Tash Houghton, Kelly Herron, Ashleigh Leslie, Christie Morgan, Rachel Myles, Anne Pedgrift, Susan Pedgrift and Louise Rae.

Player’s Player: Louise Rae. League Player: Susan Pedgrift.


Letham Grange Ladies

Vazana Trophy, 13 hole winter stableford, Friday, February 10 – 1, I. Johnstone 24pts (19); 2, H. Miller 21pts (24).

Arbroath Artisan Golf Club

RESULTS: Saturday, February 11, Saturday Spoon and W/L, entry 107, CSS 67, scratch to eight – C. Cooper (3) 64; C. Robertson (5) 66; J. Marnie (7) 67, bih; L.D. Cargill (4) 67. Nine to 12 – B. Robertson (12) 64; D. Ruxton (10) 68, bih; I. Ritchie (12) 68, bih; T. Pullar (10) 68. Thirteen to 16 – D. Muir (16) 66, bih; I. Wilson (13) 66; W. Thain (16) 68, bih; D. Adam (13) 68, bih. Seventeen to 28 – G. Faulkner (19) 68; B. Swankie (17) 69, bih; D. Masson (22) 69, bih; G. Walker (20) 69, bih.

Sunday Sweep and W/L, February 12, entry 81, CSS 66, scratch to eight – A. Cromar (5) 64; I. Forgrieve (8) 65, bih; N. Williamson (6) 65, bih; G. Duff (6) 65. Nine to 12 – J. Lafferty (12) 66; D. Ruxton (9) 69, bih; A. McDonald (9) 69; T. Pullar (10) 70, bih. Thirteen to 16 – I. Brown (14) 64; S. Morrison (15) 66, bih; G. Saddler (13) 72, bih; N. Paton (13) 72. Seventeen to 28 – R. Stewart (23) 63; C. Frith (20) 65; B. Wylie (28) 67; J. Fairweather (17) 69.


ACSC fixtures

ACSC fixtures for this weekend are as follows:

Under-13s – Celtic v. ACSC, 12 noon kick-off; Under-15s - ACSC v. Brechin, 12.30 p.m.; Under-16s – Lads’ Club v. ACSC, 2 p.m.; Under-17s - ACSC v. Dundee West, 2 p.m.

Seniors - ACSC v. Newport, 2 p.m.; ACSC A, free week; Morgan FP v. ACSC B, 2 p.m. All players to meet at 12.45 p.m. Hercules Den. Call offs to ‘phone 07966567330 or 07949329614.