Racing from Whitton Castle

Arbroath Society

FIVE members of Arbroath Racing Pigeon Society sent 95 birds to their third old bird race from Whitton Castle on Saturday. They were liberated in a north north-west wind.

Results: C. Cameron, 1135.02; C. Cameron, 1134.57; C. Cameron, 1134.30; C. Cameron, 1070.19; K. Murphy, 1067.04; K. Murphy, 1030.87; K. Murphy; 1030.64; W. Dorward, 972.99; A. and A. Shepherd, 881.88.

Inchcape Club

SEVEN members of Inchcape Racing Pigeon Club sent 121 birds to their race from Whitton Castle on Saturday. They were liberated at 7.15 a.m. in a north north-west wind.

Results: H. Graham, 1024.25; C. and A. Carrie, 994.69; C. and A. Carrie , 970.05; B. Main , 967.15; C. and A. Carrie, 955.02; C. and A. Carrie, 953.39; B. Wilkie, 948.80; B. Main, 934.10; W. Hamilton, 930.83; J. Robertson, 925.84; G. McKenzie, 436.55.


Support needed

THE SCOTTISH national women’s football side are hoping for a large crowd when they take on Sweden in an international challenge match next Saturday.

The game takes place at Starks Park, Kirkcaldy with a 3 p.m. Kick-off.

Tickets cost £5 for adults and £2 for children and are available to buy on the day.

Sam Milne from the Scottish FA, said: “This will be the first time we have set a target on how many spectators come along, and we are really pushing to have 2000 spectators at the game.

“We would encourage anyone who is interested in football to come along for a cheap entertaining family day out.”