Porty take over at the top

Porty grabbed the lead at the top of the Arbroath Summer Domino League after the latest fixtures played on Tuesday night.

They won away from home, while St Tams and Corner could only draw.

Results: Newgate 6, St Tams 6; Westport Bar 7, Bowlers 5; Abbey 4, Porty 8; Central 11, Lorne 1; Corner Bar 6, Ram’s Heid 6.


P W D L F A Pts

Porty 16 9 6 1 119 73 24

St Tams 16 10 3 3 114 78 23

Corner 16 8 7 1 108 84 23

Central 16 8 5 3 108 84 21

Newgate 16 7 3 6 94 98 17

Ram’s Heid 16 5 6 5 93 99 16

Bowlers 16 4 4 8 94 98 12

Abbey 16 4 4 8 88 104 12

Westport 16 3 4 9 83 109 10

Lorne 16 0 2 14 59 133 2

Fixtures for Tuesday: Porty v Central; Ram’s Heid v Legion; Bowlers v Corner Bar; Lorne v Westport Bar; St Tams v Abbey.

Results to be ‘phoned to 07780 504108 on the night.


Draw for the Singles to be played on Wednesday (September 4). Four qualify from each venue. Matches start at 8 p.m.

Porty – M. Cowan, Westport Bar; G. Hartley (organiser), Porty; J. Cowie, Bowlers; L. McMillan, Legion; J. Hatton, Corner; R. Doyle, Porty; I. Peterson, Bowlers; K. Muldoo, Central; A. Burnett, Bowlers; K. Wood, Central; R. Meldrum, Corner, C. Milne, St Tams; N. Morrison, Porty; D. Farnan, Westport Bar; J. McPherson, Legion; W. McQueen, Cornerl G. Richie, St Tams; J. Stevan, Legion, S. Milan, Abbey.

Abbey – R. Stewart, Corner; T. Webster, St Tams; I. Crosbie, Westport Bar; D. Barthorpe, Bowlers; K. McPherson, Legion; M. McPherson, Legion; B. Cargill, Bowlers; S. Wishart, Bowlers; G. Finnie (organiser), Abbey; P. Muldoon, Central; L. Maitland, Central; B. Cadger, Abbey; M. McKay, Lorne; L. Edgley, Cetral; F. Petrie, St Tams; D. Nicoll, Central; M. Rennie, Abbey; N. Matherson, Abbey; S. Edgley, Central.

Westport Bar – B. Edgley, Central; J. McConnachie, Westport Bar; J. Smith, St Tams; Kizzy, Lorne; J. Ironside, Porty; T. Richardson, Corner; C. McPherson, Legion; D. Meldrum (organiser), Corner; K. Miller, Bowlers; S. Jarvie, Bowlers; D. McIvor, Porty; B. Grant, St Tams; J. Birse, Porty; J. Archibald, Abbey; J. Faulkner, Porty; I. Parkinson, Corner; A. Gibb, Westport Bar; R. Churchill, Abbey; K. McMillan, Legion.

St Thomas Bar – T. Shepherd, St Tams; A. Stewart, Porty; B. Rodriguez, Westport Bar; L. Wilson, Westport Bar; B. Cargill, Corner; L. McConnachie, Westport Bar; J. Nicol, Corner; C. Blair, Central; G. Lawrence, St Tams; D. Nspier (organiser), Porty; G. Williams, Porty; N. Walker, Bowlers; M. Gray, Corner; K. Milan, Abbey; M. Barron, Westport Bar; K. Miller, Bowlers; R. Flynn, Central; H. Waterworth, Abbey; I. Gordon, St Tams.