Porty move a point closer

PORTY moved a point closer to St Tams in the Arbroath Domino League when the leaders were held to a draw by Westport Bar on Tuesday.

Results: Westport Bar 6, St Tams 6; Central 6, Legion 6; Abbey 8, Corner Bar 4; Burns 3, Porty 9; Bowlers 4, Lorne 8.

Fixtures: St Tams v Central; Porty v Bowlers; Corner v Burns; Legion v Westport Bar; Lorne v Abbey.

Results to be ‘phoned to 07780 504108 on the night.

Doubles competition

The doubles will be played on Wednesday (September 5). Two to qualify from each venue. Matches begin at 8 p.m.

Abbey – C. McPherson / J. Smith, Legion; G. Finnie (organiser) / C. Smith, Abbey; A. Gibb / S. Kerr, Westport Bar; M. Conan / I. Crosbie, Westport Bar; T. Shepherd / B. Grant, St Tams; G. Bruce / A. Whyte, Burns; B. Rodriguez / L. Wilson, Westport Bar; M. McKay / E. Burgess, Lorne; B. Roberts / B. Daniels, Burns.

Portcullis – R. Doyle / J. Falkner, Portcullis; B. Cadger / J. Archibald, Abbey; J. McIntosh / I. Parkinson, Corner; M. Barron / D. Farnan, Westport Bar; T. Webster / D. Robertson, St Tams; S. Sinclair / S. Cargill, Lorne; G. Whyte / P. Whyte, Burns; C. Roberts / I. Gordon (Organiser), St Tams; D. Napier / G. Williams, Porty.

Bowlers – L. McConnachie / J. McConnachie, Westport Bar; G. Hartley (organiser) / D. McIvor, Porty; R. Stewart / G. Roberts, Corner; K. Buick / M. Gray, Burns; C. Milne / G. Richie, St Tams; M. Richardson / T. Richardson, Corner; J. Birse / A. Stewart, Porty; R. Meldrum / D. Meldrum, Corner; J. McPherson / McPherson, Legion.

Westport Bar – K. McPherson (organiser) / C. Smith, Legion; B. Cargill / J. Sievwright, Burns; K. McMillan / D. Mudie, Legion; J. Ironside / B. Morrison, Porty; M. Robertson / S. Robertson, Legion; D. Nicoll / K. Muldoon, Central; J. Hatton / A. Coates, Corner; P. Powell / S. Smith, Burns; M. Rennie / H. Waterworth, Abbey.