New - Club Spada

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The Club Spada (Spada - Italian for sword) is part of a larger organisation, The Academy of Historical Arts - based in Glasgow and has affiliated clubs around the UK. Spada is an Historical European Martial Art club. Training is based on a manual written 600 years ago by the sword and martial arts master Fiore dei Liberi, one of the greatest trainers of Knights in the Middle Ages. They also practice Sword and Buckler and Highland Broadsword, based on historical manuals. The club aims to compete in local and international competitions. In sparring they use nylon sword simulators and wear protective gear.

If anyone is interested in joining they should check out the Academy of Historical Arts website. Enquiries should be from people over 16 years, male or female. The Club Spada meets every Friday, 6 to 7pm at The Shotokan Hall in East Grimsby Street, Arbroath.

The photograph shows, from left - Brodie Johnson, Daniel Wallace, Paul Johnson (Instructor), Steve Wild and Billy Peddie. Picture: Wallace Ferrier