Young Cub bowlers impress

Young bowlers
Young bowlers

The 2nd Arbroath Cubs spent three Tuesday evenings learning how to play carpet bowls - and they all found out it is not as easy as it looks. Some of the Cubs were very good indeed.

The last evening was a competition between the three sixes (Cubs groups) and Red six were the winners overall.

There was then a knock-out competition which was won by a member of the Red six as well. They would like to thank the Arbroath Bowling Club for being so helpful, encouraging and fun for the Cubs, we are hoping we can make a return visit in the future.

The Cubs visiting were: Callum McGinnis, Delaney Fairweather, Cyra Lyons, Ellie Hurst, Harrison Deas, James Hillsley, Tyler Ramsay, Erin Fairweather, Rebecca Spalding, Ryan Wild, Lewis Robb, Campbell Fairweather, Calvin Wild, Arran Smith, Aneesha Swankie, Tegan Black and Dubmghall Fairweather.