Winter beginning to affect anglers’ catches

Winter has definitely set in at Forbes of Kingennie and it has made a noticeable difference to the fishing.

The Bankside is still fishing well with black and green lures and cats whiskers being the top fly. Small bloodworms and flash back nymphs have also taken a lot of fish when they shy off the lures.

Young Robert Gibson had a spectacular day last week taking 18, most of which fell to black crunchers on a floating line. The Burnside continues to produce plenty of fish with most of them falling to lures fished quite deep. Again black and green has been very popular with the orange blobs taking its share as well as bloodworms and black buzzers.

The Boathouse has been quiet but those who have fished it have had some good bags of fish with the average being around 5lbs. The biggest fish last week fell to Mr Cameron with a 9lb 11oz rainbow, there have also been a couple of very nice brownies being caught as well. Again lures on an intermediate are proving to be the best method with white cats and orange fritz’s being the most popular patterns.

On Saturday, December 1, there is a competition on the Bankside pool and there will be prizes for first and second as well as the biggest fish. There is also an end of year competition on the Boathouse and Burnside with prizes for heaviest bags and heaviest fish. Lunch will be provided and the contest will start at 8.30 a.m. There are still some places available so call to book on 01382 350777/350213 to avoid disappointment.