Welsh tourers visit Abbey Club

Last Friday Newgate Seniors were presented with the league flag and trophy for 2013. The afternoon consisted of a seven-rink friendly match against an Angus Seniors Select. Our picture shows the Newgate Seniors with the flag with club president John Stirling (centre). The cup was presented by Angus Senior League president Bob Kydd.
Last Friday Newgate Seniors were presented with the league flag and trophy for 2013. The afternoon consisted of a seven-rink friendly match against an Angus Seniors Select. Our picture shows the Newgate Seniors with the flag with club president John Stirling (centre). The cup was presented by Angus Senior League president Bob Kydd.

Last Wednesday evening Abbey played host to the Welsh Touring Team from Monmouthshire Bowling Association, who were a great bunch of lads to play against with a great sense of humour.

After the game which Abbey won 116-104, there was a meal followed by the company being entertained by members of the Welsh team.

Abbey v Welsh Touring

14 J. Lowson R. Martin 15

18 J. Prouse A. Goodwin 14

13 R. Wilson B. Jones 16

10 J. Arthur P. Watkins 16

18 B. Tosh I. Parsons 19

19 J.S. Paterson R. Ford 12

18 T. Mill J. Craik 12

116 104

Saturday’s fixtures included another touring team, this time from Partick in Glasgow. The camaraderie, hilarity and some decent bowling made it an enjoyable afternoon. Abbey were winners by 102-63 and the evening saw members from both teams entertain each other. The away game was at Fairfield where members didn’t fair as well as the home team as they were beaten 73-58.

Abbey v Partick Touring

24 K. Tosh I. McGregor 5

15 A. Burnett B. Methen 12

11 J. Lowson D. Johnston 13

21 J.K. Paterson C. Bruce 10

20 J.S. Paterson T. Miller 7

11 J.R. Cargill G. McKeown 16

102 63

Fairfield v Abbey

18 H. Gall T. Mill 16

23 H. Grieve F. Cook 12

12 W. Creig B. Tosh 18

20 J. Williamson J. Arthur 12

73 58

The final of the club Chapel competition was contested between Colin McKay and Malcolm Anderson, with the latter winning by two sets to one.

Another final completed this week was the Consolation Cup. A runaway start from George Addison gave him a commanding lead before Denis O’Neill started his fight back and took it to the wire only to lose to George 21–20.

Ladies’ Section

This week’s friendly was away to Baxter Park where Abbey were defeated 27-20 with Ely Marnie’s rink winning 14-11 and Margaret Fraser’s rink losing 16-6.

In the semi-finals of the Handicap Singles Janette Tosh won 21-14 against Davina McGregor and in the other Margaret Croll lost 21-17 to Kath Gordon.

The final saw Janette leading by six shots before Kath started to eat into that lead. There was not a lot in it for most of the game, but Janette managed to hold on to her slight advantage to take the game, 21-18.


The Mixed Singles final was won by Jim Arthur, who defeated Bob Skea 21-10. In the Gents Singles final it was reverse fortunes for Jim Arthur as he was defeated 21-12 by John Prouse. In a tight game the Gents Triples final was won by Dale Smith, Colin McKay and Dave Beattie 13-11 against Dave Mann, George Ross and Sam Russell.


The juniors’ closing day will be on Sunday, September 22, when a fun day and all finals shall be held.

Lochlands Club

Weekend friendly

Lochlands v Maryfield

27 W. Cargill D. Dargie 17

19 D. Smith G. McGlynn 14

26 J. Cargill C.J. Brunton 18

19 C. Blyth G. Smith 14

21 W. Keillor I. McLeish 11

112 74

Five Finals were completed this week.

Results were; McGaffin Mixed Pairs - Dave Brown and Sheena Urquhart beat Robin and Marion Wilson; Nominated Pairs - Paul Gersok and Dougal Dargie beat Peter Thomson and Willie Keillor; Nominated Triples - Robin Wilson, Paul Gersok and Peter Thomson beat Bert Allison, Colin Blyth and John Cargill

Two very closely contested singles matches were completed. Results were: Handicap Singles - Peter Thomson beat Dave Brown; MacDonald Singles - Dougal Dargie beat Colin Blyth.

The closing day game tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m.

Ladies’ Section

The Hunt Cup Pairs final was played last Wednesday and resulted in a win for Anona Cargill and Marion Wilson against Ethel Thomson and Liz Lowe the final score being 16-11.

Newgate Club

The remaining singles competitions at Newgate Bowling Club are now down to the finals stage.

They are, Handicap Cup, Grant Ross plays Sye Pearson on a date to be arranged; Consolation Cup, Jim Butler played Bob Spence on Wednesday; Saskia Cup, Scott Sibley played Grant Ross on Wednesday.

The nominated pairs competition is also down the final stage with Charlie Cooper and Scott Sibley playing Eric Milne and Jim Robbie on a date to be arranged.

On Sunday (September 15) the Henderson Charity Trophy takes place with two rinks from Angus clubs playing each other on neutral venues. Both rinks require to win their games to be in the running with top score in shots up.

Representing Newgate are the rinks of Brian Reid, Alan Low, Sandy Smith and Forbes Szatan who play Parkview at Forfar and Jim Butler, Willie Johnston, Paul Martin and Eric Martin who play Craigie at Carnoustie.

Mixed pairs final

The final of the club’s mixed pairs competition was contested on Friday when Eric Milne and Ray Fraser played Tom Reid and Barbara Park on one of the coldest nights for some time. Tom and Barbara adapted better to the conditions and ran out worthy winners.

The friendly games on Saturday were at home to Kirriemuir, which was sponsored by David Mackay, Funeral Directors, Arbroath, and away to Duffus Park, Cupar, Fife. Both teams recorded narrow victories.

Newgate v Kirriemuir

19 B. Reid P. Couthard 17

12 A. Low G. Balfour 17

28 C. Cooper A. McRitchie 15

17 W. Sturrock P. Clyne 23

76 72

Duffus Park v Newgate

14 D. Wilson G. Davies 23

14 J. Barclay G. Fechlie 23

18 F. Sharp J. Stirling 14

22 M. Mackinnon D. Perkins 19

19 F. Muir D. Spalding 18

87 97

The friendly games for tomorrow (Saturday) are at home to Hillcrest and away to neighbours Arbroath.

The annual challenge match against the Arbroath branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland takes place on Sunday (September 15) with a 2.30 p.m start.

The club round robin competition for the Ron Patterson Memorial Trophy was held last Sunday in a triple format. After the qualifying stages the final was a close encounter when the trio of Alan McIntosh, Kathleen Swan and Tom Reid deserved the trophy with a win over Gerry Mould, Barbara Park and Alan Low, who were runners-up.

Ladies’ section

The ladies played their last three rink friendly of the season at Canmore last Wednesday and lost by five shots overall.

Canmore v Newgate

13 H. Thomson M. Hut’eson 11

12 M. Milne L. Cargill 8

11 S. Edwards K. Swan 12

36 31

Jean Stewart pairs

The ladies gathered at the green on Friday afternoon to contest the Jean Stewart two-bowl pairs competition. The final was contested by Betty Hodson and Irene Hill and May Hutcheson and Kathleen Swan. The game was evenly matched until the last few ends when Betty and Irene took command and ran out worthy winners.

Ladies v senior gents

Next Friday (September 20) the annual ladies v senior gents challenge match takes place with a 2 p.m. start.


Arbroath Ladies’ Darts League

Division One

Results: Newgate (2) 2, Bowlers 10; Portcullis (2) 5, Lorne 7; Cliffburn (1) 7, Cricket Club 5; Ram’s Heid (1) 6, British Legion 6; Pageant 9, Newgate (3) 3.

Fixtures: Portcullis (2) v Bowlers; Cliffburn (1) v Newgate (2); Ram’s Heid (1) v Lorne; Newgate (3) v Cricket Club; Pageant v British Legion.

Division Two

Results: Burns 7, Letham 5; Millgate 7, Ram’s Heid (2) 5; Newgate (1) 6, St Tam’s 6; Railway 6, Portcullis (1) 6; Commercial (2) 7, L.B.C. 5.

Fixtures: Millgate v Letham; Newgate (1) v Burns; Railway v Ram’s Heid (2); L.B.C. v St Tam’s; Commercial (2) v Portcullis (1).

Division Three

Results: Abbey (1) 7, Commercial (1) 5; Tutties (1) 6, Westport Bar 6; Letham Hotel 7, Tutties (2) 5; Stag 5, Abbey (2) 7.

Fixtures: Tutties (1) v Commercial (1); Central v Abbey (1); Letham Hotel v Westport Bar; Stag v Tutties (2); free week, Abbey (2).

Division Three captains please note that Cliffburn (2) have withdrawn from the league.

A captains’ meeting is to be held in the Portcullis on Tuesday (September 17) at 8 p.m. All captains or representative must attend.

Angus Trophy Centre Summer League

Draw for the singles to be played on Monday (September 16):

Millgate - K Lavery, N Wight, D MacKenzie (Abbey), A Stott, M Anderson, B Geddes, M Wilkie, D Riddle, K Buick, T Paul, J Jackson, M Shepherd, D Hunter. Referee - M Shepherd.

Newgate - L Hutchison, A Smith, L Ritchie, C Dell, D Simpson, R Crosbie, D MacKenzie, jnr., I McAllan, D Falconer, J Cockburn, R Balfour, J Hatton, L Tait, G Christie. Referee - D Falconer

Pageant - P Falconer, I McKenzsie, I Christie, C Tosh, D Cooper, T Hopkins, D Mann, E Smith, S Robertson, J Kearnan, J Tasker, W Kidd, M Barthorpe. Referee - E Smith.

Corner - R Russell, Dede Steele, B Girwood, R Baird, J Cooper, J Gillan, D Rutherford, B McDonald, J Riddle, I McLeod, C Ogilvy, G McKenzie, S Smith. Referee - R Russell.

Station - G MacDougall, J Smith, P Wiltosz, K Miller, C Simpson, C Lyons, P Gillespie, G Findlay, S Cook, L Thomson, A Bruce, L Shepherd, T Elliot. Referee - K Miller.

Stag - W Henderson, G Jones, I McGowan, D Anderson, S Watson, R Tosh, T Shepherd, R Collier, W Whitson, R Falkner, D MacKenzie, snr., E Will, M Tosh. Referee - T Shepherd.

Westport Bar - S Allardice, S McCormack, G Stranock, J Soutar, D Cook, J Duncan, M Wood, S Falconer, D Hopkins, L Wilson, D Bruce, J Cargill, D Boath. Referee - S McCormack.

Legion - G Soutar, D Air, J Burnett, Danny Steele, M Dell, G Dunsmore, S Kerr, K McMillan, S Berrie, D Cargill, C Innes, S Forsyth, J Myles, J Elliot. Referee - S Berrie.

One player qualifies from each venue. Results to M. Shepherd on 07719160033.


Six-a-side League

Results: Inter 3, Blood Sweat 2; Tesco 1, MLA 4; Deportivo 4, Barely Athletic 3; Fiorentina 5, Rory Overlap 0.


Arbroath Artisans

There was an entry of 69 for the September Vase competition played on Saturday to a CSS of 70. The event was won by Graham Shepherd. Results: scratch to 11 - G. Shepherd (7) 66; B. Morrison (11) 68; A. Fairweather (4) 70 (bih); R. Kirkpatrick (11) 70, bih. 12 to 28 - W. Thain (17) 67; D. Clark (15) 68; D. Adam (13) 70; J. Ironside (14) 71, bih.

The Sunday Sweep attracted 65 entries and was played to a CSS of 68. Results: scratch to 13 - C. Cooper (3) 63; I. Reid (2) 67; N. Paton (12) 68, bih; A. Fairweather (4) 67, bih. 14 to 28 - P. Taylor (15) 64; B. Kelly (18) 67; J. Mackie (14) 69 (bih); J. Ironside (14) 69.

Members are reminded that a special meeting will be held on Monday, September 23, at 7 p.m.

Ladies’ Section

Breakthrough Brooch and Medal 11, Saturday, September 7, and Tuesday, September 10, CSS: Saturday 72, Tuesday R/O – 1, A. Dawson (13) 71; 2, E. Shepherd (13) 74; 3, M. Clarke (17) 79.

Letham Grange


Wednesday Stableford, September 4, Glens Course - A. Tucker, 39 pts; D. Norval, 37 pts; A. Lauchlan, 37 pts; J. Vannet, 37 pts; A. Strachan, 37 pts.

Ladies’ Section

Medal eight and Winter Strokeplay, Glens Course, Division One – 1, I. Johnstone (20) 68; 2, C. Clark (15) 69; 3, A. Crabb (9) (70). Division Two – 1, E. Reid (32) 63; 2, A. Anderson (24) 66; 3, S. Youngson (28) 66.