Weather makes a difference at local ponds

Rescobie Loch

During the recent scorching weather conditions, the day sessions at Rescobie Loch proved more productive than the evening ones.

Despite very strong sunshine and crystal clear water the fish remained fairly high in the water with Intermediate lines proving most popular. Taking flies varied tremendously with small buzzers working for some whilst the Yellow Dancer did it for others.

Weed growth restricted the fishing somewhat in the shallows but the deeper water in the middle of the loch produced a lot of fish.

Big brownies continue to show up in the returns and Dan Robertson, Brechin, nearly pulled off a double. After taking Gow’s Fish of the Month for June with his 9lbs 4ozs brown trout he was on the leader board for most of July with a 9lbs brown only to be toppled by Lee Brewster, Forfar, with one at 9lbs 8ozs.

Some other nice browns to come off were, J. Malloch, Letham, 5lbs 12ozs; A. Munro, Forfar, 5lbs; R. Smith, Arbroath, 7lbs; C. Stubbs, Carnoustie, 5lbs A. Wood, Forfar, 7lbs 8ozs; and P. Greig, Dundee, 7lbs 8ozs.

Some successful bank anglers were: S. Thomson, Arbroath, four for 10lbs 12ozs; D. Nicoll, Arbroath, four for 8lbs; G. Armstrong, Montrose, four for 14lbs; G. Patullo, Forfar, four for 9lbs; and M. Heenan, Arbroath, four for 9lbs 4ozs.

From the boats: A. Paterson, Brechin, four for 9lbs 8ozs; R. Buick, Arbroath, four for 9lbs 8ozs; D. Simpson, Forfar, four for 11lbs 8ozs; D. West, Brechin, four for 10lbs 10ozs; J. Ramsay, Forfar, four for 11lbs 8ozs; K. Prior, Barry, four for 11lbs; S. Gray, Dundee, four for 10lbs; L. Irving, Bridge of Earn, four for 10lbs; G. Christie, Alyth, four for 11lbs; and M. Stubbs, Carnoustie, fopur for 17lbs, the biggest being 7lbs 4ozs.

Carlogie Dam

The Alexanders Club from Falkirk visited Carlogie Dam recently and members had a great time.

Catches included: W. Salmon, two for 4lbs 6ozs; I. Sharp, four for 8lbs 12ozs; J. Sharp, two for 4lbs; W. Murray, four for 8lbs; B. Anderson, two for 4lbs 4ozs; M. Roy, two for 4lbs 4ozs.

Other Other catches included W. Reilly, Dundee, three for 6lbs 2ozs; K. Clark, Dundee, three for 7lbs; Ted Low, St Andrews, four for 8lbs; T. Barr, Dundee, three for 6lbs 8ozs; J. Donnachie, Dundee, two for 5lbs; and L. Donnachie, Dundee, two for 4lbs 4ozs.

On catch and release were G. Woods, Montrose, 10; G. Edwards, Forfar, two; D. Roy, Broughty Ferry, three; Ally Stewart, Dundee, five; L. Gall, Dundee, four; K. Forbes, Carnoustie, two; W. Scott, Dundee, three; D. Inglis, Carnoustie, five; D. Thoms, Carnoustie, three; S. Falconer, Arbroath, four; T. Fraser, Monifieth, two; I. Duncan, Forfar, three; and S. Duncan, Forfar, three.

The competition for the A.C. Sturrock Trophy is to be held on Sunday (August 4) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The arrival of rain has seen the water levels rising slightly at Forbes of Kingennie and seems to have stirred the fish up as well.

During the heat of the day the fishing has been tricky with early morning and late evenings being the best times to get among the fish.

The Boathouse has stayed quite clear after the rain and there have been some big fish being taken. The best last week was a 13lbs 7ozs rainbow taken by Mr Small on a black lure.

The Burnside has been by far the most consistent pond. Buzzers under the bung has been the most popular method taking a lot of fish. Lures have been effective but you need to let them sink down deep. Mr Christie had a great evening taking two fish for 4lbs 4ozs and returning eight more in three hours of fishing.

The Bankside is still low with quite a lot of weed around. This has brought most of the fish into the middle of the pond in the deep water. The top methods seem to be either dry flies or a blob.

The Woodside has fished well giving the low level of the water. The level has risen and is going up daily after the rain. The best method by far has been green powerbait fished on a lead around one foot off the bottom. Spinners have also been very effective.