Weather conditions perfect for another great week of fishing

Forbes of Kingennie

It’s been another great week of fishing here at Forbes of Kingennie with weather conditions remaining almost perfect for catching fish most of the week.

With the cooler temperatures and light winds there have been a lot of fish on the surface resulting in some great dry fly fishing. The water clarity is also much better in all the ponds which has defiantly helped with the fishing.

The Burnside has been the stand-out pond this week with constant sport being seen all around the pond but the top end does seem to be doing slightly more fish.

Dry flies have certainly been the best method with no one fly being favoured, it’s more a case of making sure that your presentation was right. Hoppers and daddies have been best but small beetles and shuttlecocks have also featured in the catches. Damsels have been the top lure as well as blobs and cormorants. Mr Hearn had the biggest fish of the week with a rainbow estimated at around 10/11lb caught on a cruncher before being returned. Mr Watson had a good session on dries landing 11 fish and missing a lot more.

The water in the Boathouse is as clear as it can be at the moment and some of the sight fishing has been fantastic. There hasn’t been any stand out fly on the pond, it has been more of a case of good presentation with reasonably light line and a bit of stealth. Mr Bairner had 4 fish for 13lb and returned another 7 fishing a mixture of mini lures. Mr Stevens had the largest fish of the week out the pond with a 8lb 5oz rainbow as well as putting back another 5 fishing diawl bachs.

The Bankside hasn’t seen too many rods fishing on it but those that have fished it have been doing well. The fish seem to be very nomadic at the moment moving round the pond regularly so staying mobile and following them has made a difference to your catch rate. A number of methods are working but either lures such as yellow dancers of dry’s have been the method. Mr Brown had 2 fish for 6lb and put back 6 on a cats whisker and Mr west put back 7 fishing shuttlecocks.

The Woodside has seen the fish become really active and are moving round the pond a lot more now that the weed seems to be dying back steadily. Float fishing with worms and powerbait is still the top method as well as spinning. The Neilson family were fishing on Saturday and landed 10 fish for 19lb 8oz all on orange powerbait. Mr Fox took 4 fish for 8lb 3oz on a small mepps spinner.

The weather forecast is great for week ahead so we hope to see you all soon.


Traffic light buzzers are doing well at Carlogie Dam just now, with suspender buzzers taking most of the rising fish. Recent catches include:

I.Hardie (Forfar) c/r 9, N.Spence (Arbroath) c/r 16, S.Watson (Muirdrum) c/r 10, L.Johnston (Brechin) c/r 3, G.Edward (Forfar) c/r 4, I.Wallace (Montrose) c/r 6, D.Thoms (Carnoustie) c/r 3, D.Roy (Broughty Ferry) c/r 6, S.Spence (Arbroath) c/r 4, D.Bellar (Liverpool) c/r 4, S.Reilly (Carnoustie) c/r 4, D.Glover (Dundee) c/r 6, J.Gilbert (Carnoustie) c/r 8, C.Milne (Forfar) c/r 9, S.McDonald (Newburgh) c/r 12.