Victories for local boxers

ARBROATH boxers were on the road again on Friday with a trip to the Windlestrae Hotel, Kinross, for a boxing dinner promoted by Kinross Boxing Academy.

Scottish Novice champion Deon Johnston was matched against the home club’s Abbie Reid in a fast and skilful contest. Showing composure and maturity, Johnston took control of the contest, firing in fast combinations, and moving out of range, drawing Reid onto his punches, trapping him on the ropes and firing in hard straight shots.

Reid came out firing on all cylinders in the second but Johnston had his measure and soon controlled the contest with fast accurate punching. The third belonged to Johnston. His faster punch rate and growing confidence never allowed the game but outclassed Reid to settle.

Deon Johnston won a handsome and well deserved unanimous points verdict.

Barry MacDonald faced James Mathers, St Francis, in an absorbing welterweight bout. An evenly matched contest started with explosive punching from both boxers, MacDonald landing stiff right crosses, knocking Mathers’ head back. Round two saw Mathers have some success bringing blood from MacDonald’s nose. He defended well, blocking and moving before countering with crisp lefts and rights just shading the round.

MacDonald was a revelation in the final round giving his best display to date. He started strongly swinging the bout in his favour, his harder punching causing Mathers’ nose to bleed. MacDonald had a spring in his step as he slipped punches, side-stepping and countering with solid shots.

The final bell ended an absorbing hard contest and also brought a well earned points win for Barry MacDonald, who will join Terry Ballantine; John Cooper; Jamie McDowell and Mal Milne in the North District Championships in Inverurie this weekend.


Returns from Elliot

ARBROATH Artisan Golf Club’s Saturday Spoon competition attracted an entry of 101 and was played to a CSS of 67.

Results were: scratch to nine - J. Shaw (8) 64; B. Clarke (2) 65; A. Cromar (6) 66; N. Gray (9) 67.

10 to 12 - R. Scott (12) 64; J. Lafferty (12) 65; F. Reid (12) 69 bih; G. Fairweather (10) 69 bih.

13 to 16 - J. Cargill (13) 69 bih; W. Jarret (15) 69 bih; D. Farquarson (13) 69 bih; K. Graham (13) 69.

17 to 28 - E. Woods (18) 62; J. Nairn (24) 63; J. Paterson (20) 65; F. Murray (19) 66.

There was an entry of 78 for the Sunday Sweep event, which was also played to a CSS of 67.

Results were: scratch to eight - S. McGowan (6) 61; E. G Rae (4) 65; B. Clarke (2) 66.

Nine to 12 - D. Forbes (12) 64; R. Scott (11) 68; A. Burnett (10) 68 bih.

13 to 17 - A. Ward (16) 64; N. Paton (13) 65; I. Brown (15) 68 bih.

18 to 28 - A. Scott (23) 63; C. Edwards (20) 65 bih; M. Brown (18) 65.