United out on their own at the top

Arbroath bowler Chris Goodfellow in action against Dundee High School FPs at Lochlands on Saturday.

Arbroath bowler Chris Goodfellow in action against Dundee High School FPs at Lochlands on Saturday.

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Watsonians v Arbroath United

Electing to bat at Myreside on Saturday, United made a promising start through Brendon Ford (39 from 47 balls, 6 fours) and Gavin Swan (17 from 34 balls).

They reached 64 in the 12th over before Ford was trapped lbw by Andrew Learmonth.

The complexion of the innings changed as Ewan Chalmers claimed three wickets in six balls to leave United on 77 for 4. Fraser Burnett and Greig Peal added 22 before Learmonth (2 for 27) dismissed Burnett.

Peal was joined by Marc Petrie (21 from 43 balls) and they took the total to 146 in the 37th overs when the latter was caught by Ewan Chalmers from the bowling of Fraser Sands (3 for 39) who quickly claimed a further two wickets. Peal (unbeaten 38 from 93 balls) and Craig Ramsay (unbeaten 17 from 31 balls) added what proved to be a valuable 39 runs in the final nine overs to see United close on 192 for 8.

When Watsonians batted Max Parker had early success when he dismissed Learmonth in the sixth over. Michael Carson (48 from 75 balls, 5 fours, 1 six), who had survived an early catching opportunity, together with Ewan Chalmers, took the total to 44 in the 15th over when the latter was trapped lbw by Craig Ramsay.

Ford followed up with the wicket of Andrew Fraser-Harris and when Carson was fourth out caught by Parker from Ramsay’s bowling Watsons had reached 70 for 4 from 19 overs. Dewalt Nel (28 from 33 balls) and Andrew Chalmers added 43 in 10 overs before Nel was caught by Fraser Burnett from the bowling of Mark Fleming.

With rain falling Chalmers and James Easton appeared content to remain ahead of the run rate and they had reached 140 in the 39th over when Fleming (2 for 14) had Easton caught by Blair Carnegie. Chalmers (46 from 78 balls, 5 fours, 1 six) increased the run rate and with six overs remaining they required 25.

The game, however, came to a swift conclusion as McLean bowled Chalmers and Greig Peal (3 for 25), then took three wickets in the following over as Watsonians were dismissed for 173 in the 46th over, United winning by 19 runs and with results elsewhere taking an outright lead in the CSL Eastern Premier Division.

Arbroath United

B N W Ford lbw b A P Learmonth 39

G S Swan lbw b E F Chalmers 17

H B Bartlett b E F Chalmers 3

F W G Burnett b A P Learmonth 16

R E McLean lbw b E F Chalmers 0

G E Peal not out 38

M J Petrie c E F Chalmers b F J Sands 21

M J Parker c A D Chalmers b F J Sands 2

B C Carnegie b F J Sands 0

C Ramsay not out 17

M A Fleming, did not bat

Extras 39

Total (8 wickets – innings closed) 192


J D Nel 12 1 43 0

R M S Legget 4 0 29 0

A P Learmonth 9 0 27 2

E F Chalmers 5 0 22 3

T D Cullen 10 0 28 0 F J Sands 10 1 39 3


A P Learmonth b M J Parker 4

M E Carson c M J Parker b C Ramsay 48

E F Chalmers lbw b C Ramsay 9

A P Fraser-Harris b B N W Ford 2

J D Nel c F W G Burnett b M A Fleming 28

A D Chalmers b R E McLean 46

J A C Easton c B C Carnegie b M A Fleming 15

A H J Hislop not out 4

F J Sands b G E Peal 1

T D Cullen c M J Parker b G E Peal 2

R M S Legget b G E Peal 0

Extras 14

Total (46 overs) 173


R E McLean 6 0 24 1

M J Parker 9 1 24 1

C Ramsay 8 0 46 2

B N W Ford 9 1 38 1

M A Fleming 7 1 14 2

G E Peal 7 0 25 3

Result: Arbroath United won by 19 runs. (CSL Eastern Premier Division, 50 overs)

Strathmore v Arbroath United

Electing to bat in this Three Counties Cup tie at Lochside last Wednesday, United lost Max Parker in the first over caught by Gary Hewitson from the bowling of David Sneddon.

Harris Carnegie (20 from 20 balls) and Blair Carnegie took the total to 35 in the seventh over when Harris was dismissed by Craig McDonald. Blair and Craig Cameron (16 from 18 balls) then added 51 before Cameron was trapped lbw by McDonald (2 for 27).

This proved to be the last success for Strathmore as Blair Carnegie (unbeaten 82 from 59 balls, 6 fours) and Ewan Rosie (unbeaten 39 from 22 balls, 4 fours, 1 six) saw United to 161 for 3 from their 20 overs.

When Strathmore batted Max Parker took a return catch to dismiss Sneddon in the second over. Gary Hewitson and Jimmy Ellis progressed to 37 in the ninth over when Ellis was bowled by Craig Cameron (2 for 13).

A further four wickets quickly fell including Hewitson (29 from 36 balls, 3 fours) bowled by Chris Robb as they reached 48 for 6 from 14 overs. Craig McDonald and Morgan Evans saw out the remaining six overs as Strathmore closed on 65 for 6, United winning by 96 runs and a home tie v Autoecosse Forthill in the second round.

Arbroath United

M J Parker c G D Hewitson b D Sneddon 0

H G Carnegie c b C G McDonald 20

B C Carnegie not out 82

C M Cameron lbw b C G McDonald 16

E C Rosie not out 39

M S Robb, J C Plomer, G S Swan, R D Cameron, M C K Robb, H J McLoughlin, did not bat

Extras 4

Total (3 wickets – innings closed) 161


D Sneddon 4 0 30 1

K Gibb 4 0 32 0

I H Saim 4 0 35 0

C G McDonald 4 0 27 2

M Evans 4 0 34 0


G D Hewitson b M C K Robb 29

D Sneddon c & b M J Parker 4

J Ellis b C M Cameron 6

M J Gourlay c E C Rosie b M C K Robb 4

Umar Ahmed c B C Carnegie b C M Cameron 0

C G McDonald not out 9

I H Saim b G S Swan 1

M Evans not out 2

K Gibb, Uthman Ahmed, C Patterson, did not bat

Extras 10

Total (6 wickets – innings closed) 65


R D Cameron 2 0 11 0

M J Parker 2 0 7 1

C M Cameron 4 0 13 2

M C K Robb 4 1 12 2

M S Robb 2 0 9 0

G S Swanb 2 1 3 1

H J McLoughlin 2 0 4 0

J C Plomer 1 0 4 0

E C Rosie 1 1 0 0

Result: Arbroath United won by 96 runs. (Three Counties Cup, first round, 20 overs)

Arbroath United v Dundee High School FPs

United reached 32 in the 10th over through Jack Plomer (19, 3 fours) and Ben McGill (23) at Lochlands on Saturday before the former was dismissed by Darren Milne.

A further 19 was added before Milne (3 for 21) dismissed Carnegie and McGill in successive overs. Vihar Shah (2 for 24) claimed two wickets as United slipped to 85 for 6 after 28 overs. Chris Goodfellow (23, 3 fours) and Ryan Cameron added 35 before the latter was caught by Adrian Parker from Graham Hopkins (2 for 24) bowling who also dismissed Chris Robb and with Zahid Rasheed claiming two wickets United were dismissed in the 43rd over for 138.

When DHS batted James Braid was run out by Craig Cameron while Shah (24) and Tom Cramb then made steady progress taking the total to 45 in the 20th over when Shah was bowled by Kevin Thomson while Cramb was dismissed by Chris Robb seven overs later caught by Craig Cameron the total on 57.

Ryan Cameron (3 for 42) claimed three wickets and when Ben McGill dismissed Shogun Johnny in the 39th over 31 was required from the final six overs however Zahid Rasheed (unbeaten 32, 3 fours 1 six) and Adrian Parker took DHS to a three wicket-victory with eight balls remaining. The fixture was sponsored by Northern Tool & Gear.

Arbroath United

J C Plomer c T Cramb b D Milne 19

B J McGill c G Hopkins b D Milne 23

B A Carnegie c L Duncan b D Milne 9

C M Cameron c V Shah b T Cramb 9

K Thomson c L Duncan b V Shah 7

H G Carnegie c L Duncan b V Shah 2

C G Goodfellow b Z Rasheed 23

R D Cameron c A Parker b G Hopkins 13

S I Christie b Z Rasheed 2

M C K Robb c V Shah b G Hopkins 0

A W E McGill not out 2

Extras 29

Total (43 overs) 138


Z Rasheed 7 0 35 2

D Milne 9 1 21 3

G Hopkins 7 1 24 2

T Cramb 9 2 18 1

V Shah 9 3 24 2

A Parker 2 0 9 0


J Braid run out 8

V Shah b K Thomson 24

T Cramb c C M Cameron b M C K Robb 14

R Rennie c S I Christie b R D Cameron 12

L Duncan c S I Christie b R D Cameron 13

Z Rasheed not out 32

D Lawty c B A Carnegie b R D Cameron 13

S Johnny c C M Cameron b B J McGill 0

A Parker not out 10

D Milne, G Hopkins, did not bat

Extras 13

Total (7 wickets – 43.4 overs) 139


C G Goodfellow 5 0 9 0

S I Christie 6 0 19 0

R D Cameron 8.4 0 42 3

K Thomson 9 3 12 1

M C K Robb 9 1 19 1

A W E McGill 3 0 17 0

B J McGill 3 0 17 1

Result: Arbroath United lost by three wickets. (Strathmore & Perthshire N-E Championship, 45 overs)

Moira Shaw Kwik Cricket Festival

Seven teams took part in the round robin competition at Lochlands on Sunday which was won by Arbroath United Lichties with Forfarshire as runners-up. The trophy was presented by the Club president Geoff Fisher to the winning captain Daniel Salmond and the organiser Clarence Parfitt thanked the volunteers for the successful day.

All the players were given a certificate showing their participation in the event.

The Arbroath United squads comprised: Lichties - Daniel Salmond, Alex Davidsoin, Ben O’Mara, Jamie Russell, Jamie Stewart, Matthew Salmond, Corey McGill, Shaun Watt, Taylor Petrie and Rohan Banks-Harvey.

Smokies - Hannah Ritchie, Abbie Hogg, Zoe Rennie, Holly Martin, Catherine Sim, Bethany Robertson, T J Twaddle, Victoria Craik, Holly Craik and Jamie Craik.

P W L Pts

United Lichties 6 6 0 12

Forfarshire 6 5 1 10

Dalnacraig Rocks 6 4 2 8

Carlton 6 3 3 6

Largo 6 2 4 4

Ferry Forfs 6 1 5 2

United Smokies 6 0 6 0

Results: Dalnacraig Rocks 188, Arbroath United Lichties 233; Ferry Forfs 217, Carlton 294; Forfarshire 266, Largo 202; Arbroath United Smokies 188, Dalnacraig Rocks 249; Arbroath United Lichties 279, Ferry Forfs 202; Carlton 201, Forfarshire 262; Largo 260, Arbroath United Smokies 210; Dalnacraig Rocks 191, Forfarshire 246; Arbroath United Lichties 267, Carlton 237; Carlton 213, Dalnacraig Rocks 224; Forfarshire 263, Arbroath United Smokies 184; Largo 248, Ferry Forfs 224; Largo 231, Dalnacraig Rocks 234; Arbroath United Lichties 284, Arbroath United Smokies 193; Forfarshire 269, Ferry Forfs 211; Carlton 247, Arbroath United Smokies 234; Dalnacraig Rocks 249, Ferry Forfs 220; Arbroath United Lichties 248, Largo 225; Arbroath United Lichties 238, Forfarshire 203;

Carlton 227, Largo 226; Ferry Forfs 231, Arbroath United Smokies 225.


Arbroath United v


United did well to secure a victory in a close encounter on Saturday. Tomorrow (Saturday) they face Stoneywood/Dyce who they defeated in the Scottish Cup. Stoneywood/Dyce had won three successive league fixtures before losing narrowly last week to SMRH in a shortened game over 37 overs. This CSL Eastern Premier Division fixture commences at 12 noon and is sponsored by Roy McGregor.

Players who should meet at 10.45 a.m. are; M.J. Petrie (C), R.E. McLean (VC), H. Bartlett, C.G. Burnett, F.W.G. Burnett, B.A. Carnegie, B.C. Carnegie, M.A. Fleming, B. Ford, M.J. Parker, C. Ramsay. Scorer: I.H. Chisholm.

Stoneywood/Dyce v

Arbroath United

The second elevens play in the reverse fixture at People’s Park. United lost narrowly to DHSFPs last week while Stoneywood/Dyce have had a difficult season to date losing all seven fixtures in the Strathmore & Perthshire N-E Championship.

Players are (start time to be confirmed): G.S. Swan (C), C.M. Cameron, R.D. Cameron, H.G. Carnegie, S.P. Christie*, C.G. Goodfellow*, M.R. Hurst*, J.C. Plomer, R. Plomer*, M.C.K. Robb, K. Thomson. 12th man: E.C. Rosie.

* - denotes car drivers.

Arbroath United XI v

Strathmore XI

Both teams are undefeated to date, but whilst United have played five games Strathmore have been unfortunate with the weather completing only one game and seeing another five either postponed or abandoned without a result being achieved.

This Strathmore & Perthshire Second Division North fixture at Lochlands on Sunday commences at 1 p.m. and players are (start time to be confirmed): M.S. Robb (C), R.D. Cameron (VC), A. Brewer, D.C. Bridges, J.A. Burnett, M.J. Gibson, R.D. Hogg, A.W.E. McGill, B. Plomer, M.C.K. Robb, D. Sinclair. 12th man: P. Stewart. Scorer: I.H. Chisholm.

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