Summer Pool under way

RESULTS: Garry Mitchell 5, Jeff Barthorpe 1; Davy Jack 5, Michael Bastow 1; Richard Paterson 5, Ricky Dewars 3; Neil Davidson 4,  Craig Fairweather 5.

Fixtures: Portcullis (table one) - Ricky Dewars v Jeff Barthorpe; Davy Jack v Craig Fairweather: Portcullis (table two) - Richard Paterson v Michael Bastow; Neil Davidson v Garry Mitchell.

Group B

Results: Kevin Brown 0, Gordon Dickson 5; Drew Webster 0, Gary McLeish 5; Scott Strachan 5, Craig Humphries 0; Duncan Low 0, Jonathon Cargill 5.

Fixtures: Burns Bar - Craig Humphries v Gordon Dickson; Drew Webster v Jonathon Cargill: Ram’s Heid (table two) - Scott Strachan v Gary McLeish; Duncan Low v Kevin Brown.

Group C

Results: Kent Mitchell 1, Martin Cherry 5; Scott MacEwan 2, Graham Dunbar 5; Brian Craig 5, Ryan Mackenzie 3; Greg Alexander 3, Colin Brown 5.

Group D

Fixtures: Ram’s Heid (table one) - Sean Hardwick v Gareth Ruxton; Jim Falconer v Alan Reid: Legion - Mark Crozier v Paddy Nicoll; John Maud v Steve Hamilton.

Players sign in at the venue by 8 p.m. The first match on is first listed. Race to five. Players to referee own matches, any disputes please contact Michael Bastow or Graham Dunbar on 07925739795. Any players who do not show without contacting their opponent will be deducted one point.

Players should note it is the winner’s responsibility to text/’phone the score to Bash upon completion of the match on 07921 722 033.