Successful annual show

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THE ROYAL British Legion Scotland clubrooms in Helen Street were once again the venue for a very exciting, successful and well matched boxing dinner promoted by Arbroath Boxing Club on Friday night.

Guest of honour, boxing legend, Dick McTaggart received a great reception from the guests.

Jason Talbert, faced Mark Reid, Lochee Boys, in the first bout of the night.

Because of age and weight category differences, this was a no-scoring bout. However both these very competitive boxers certainly gave of their best over three fast and skill full rounds of action.

Reid showed some excellent moves and combinations, Talbert demonstrated just how determined and strong he was never willingly going backwards.

Friockheim resident, Lewis Keith, was next up for Arbroath and he faced Alex Stewart, Granite City.

Stewart tried to dominate the opening exchanges but Keith kept a tight defence, biding his time, before unleashing a fast two-fisted attack, forcing Stewart to the ropes.

Keith’s defence was nearly watertight, although Stewart did have some success with a crisp right cross.

Lewis Keith was rightfully awarded a unanimous points verdict, a good start to the evening for Arbroath.

Liam Buchan, another Friockheim fighter faced Ian Brodie, 1314 ABC, in a clash of heavyweights.

Buchan started like an express train, charging across the ring firing in clubbing shots from both hands. Brodie, a tall south-paw retreated trying to counter with right jabs to the head and body.

Buchan’s right cross was finding the mark in the second round, but ominously, Brodie looked composed and strong, landing telling straight left counters, causing Buchan’s nose to bleed.

Ian Brodie was adjudged the winner on points over a tired and disappointed Liam Buchan.

Deon Johnston was the next Arbroath boxer and he faced Connor Cowe, Kincorth.

This was an excellent youth bout. Both boxers knew what to do, and although this was Johnston’s first bout he moved and punched like a much more experienced boxer.

Taking the fight to Cowe, Johnston connected with sharp left-hooks as he cut off the corners using good footwork and upperbody movement to make his opponent miss.

Scott Denovan’s middleweight contest was very nearly over in the first few seconds of the first round.

A thumping right cross, only the second punch thrown, landed flush to the chin of Warren Miller, 1314, dropping him to he floor for a count of eight.

From that moment on Denovan was looking for a knockout but to his credit Miller regrouped himself and worked his way back into the contest.

It was Denovan’s turn to steady the ship, which he did to good effect, applying his good technique and speed of punch to wrest control back from his opponent. A well matched and explosive contest resulted in a points win for Scott Denovan.

Former Montrose boxer Malcolm Milne, now with Arbroath, faced another 1314 member, Kerr Edminston in a brutal clash.

The crowd was certainly enjoying the effort being produced and even in the third round Milne still had the stamina to bull his way forward with clubbing punches.

His cleaner punching awarded him a very close majority points win over Malcolm Milne, a boxer who is never in a boring contest.

Carnoustie’s Barry McDonald was also making his debut on the show and got off to promising start against Aaron Logan, Kincorth.

Showing a good variety of punches to head and body, McDonald looked to be in control.

Just before the bell McDonald was caught with two hard shots a split second after the referee had called break. Obviously stunned he survived, the bell seconds later rescued him.

Wisely head coach Iain McLeod retired McDonald, as he had not recovered enough from those two late blows as the boxer’s safety and well-being is paramount.

Terry Ballantine faced Kevin Cargill, Lochee Boys, in another well matched and skillful contest that drew on all the reserves of the pugilists.

Ballantine’s flowing style was great to watch as he moved at speed, opening up with fast two-fisted attacks.

Going into the last round Ballantine once more picked up the pace and his movement and range of punches brought cheers from the crowd.

The result was a clearly well deserved points win for Terry Ballantine who continues to improve.

Penultimate bout of the night featured Reece Johnston, older brother of Deon. The fact his brother had already won put some extra pressure on him but he faced his opponent with confidence.

Paul Boyle, Wellmeadow, found himself on the end of a stiff left jab that opened up his defence allowing Johnston to land some cracking right crosses.

In the final round Johnston was back to what he does best, boxing behind a fast jab moving confidently and creating openings for solid shots to head anybody.

Boyle was game to the bell but the result was obvious, the winner, Reece Johnston, by a clear points margin.

Darren Foster faced Lochee’s Stuart Campbell in the final contest of the night. From the first bell Foster was on top of his opponent, smothering Campbell’s jab, never giving him a chance to unload and all the while landing short hooks and tight upper-cuts underneath Campbell’s elbows.

By the third round with the amount of effort and courage he had shown Campbell was tiring fast, but Foster never eased off keeping the pressure on to the final bell.

Another good result for a resurgent Darren Foster taking the victory on points.

There was one other bout on the 11-bout bill, which featured Scot Cunningham, Lochee against Amir Nezhad, Granite City.

After three fast paced rounds of entertaining boxing Cunningham won a close point verdict.

Once again the venue, the boxers and the crowd had made for a very exciting, entertaining and enjoyable sporting occasion with Arbroath winning six of the 10 contests in which they were involved.

The final round was fought at the same fast pace as the first with a game Cowe doing his best but a determined Johnston took control to the bell. Deon Johnston was decreed the winner by a very clear points margin.