Sterling display by Deon in Glasgow bout

Last Sunday Arbroath Amateur Boxing Club’s Deon Johnston travelled to the Ashgill Recreation Centre, Glasgow, to face Western District Champion Anthony McGuire on a boxing show promoted by North Glasgow ABC.

Johnston, who stands six feet tall, was towered over by McGuire who took the tape another four inches at least and in a blistering start tried to dominate with read and speed. Johnston had to adapt his normal distance style very quickly to overcome problems of not only height and reach but an awkward aggressive south-paw opponent. He managed to block and move out of trouble, showing good defensive ability, but Mc Guire had stolen the first round with his fast approach.

Johnston started the second with a different game plan, leading off with right crosses and following up with crisp left-hooks, the classic combination against a southpaw. His jolting hooks backed McGuire up and with some clever counter-punching Johnston had won the round and was back in contention.McGuire began the final round in aggressive fashion, launching wild attacks.

Things got a bit messy as they clashed. Johnston trying to bob and weave, working to get the inside position where he could attack the slender body of his opponent. It was a credit to the conditioning of these two young boxers that the action continued to the final bell.

Anthony McGuire was awarded a close but deserved points win. Deon Johnston had put up a sterling performance and showed a developing boxing brain and an ability to adapt to a challenging situation. Another of the growing group of young Arbroath boxers who can look to the future with confidence.