St Thomas in fine form at Midlands meet

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SWIMMERS from St Thomas ASC took part in the Midland District Distance meet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The girls got the meet off to a great start with Ally Morrison (11) winning gold in the 400m individual medley. Ashley Thomson (12) was close behind winning bronze. In the girls’ 15/16 years age group, Sarah Cummins (16) also won bronze.

Not to be outdone the 10-12 boys picked up medals in the 400 individual medley (IM) with personal best times. Matthew (12) won gold with George Cowan (10) taking silver and Robert Allan (10) winning bronze.

In the older age groups Mark Shepherd (48), in the 17 and over age group, won gold, while Taylor Young (15/16) won silver in his age group.

In the 200m backstroke event Ally Morrison picked up another gold with Sophie Smith (10) swimming a six second PB to take sixth place; as did Katie Phillips -in the 14 years age group. Heather Ingram finished sixth in this event. Sarah Cummins won silver in her age group.

In the boys’ 200m backstroke Ben Morrison (10), Brandon Runge (12), George Cowan, Robert Allan and Matthew Michie all swam PB times with Blair Geddes winning silver. Ethan Bell won gold in the boys 14 years age group while in the 15/16 years event Nathan Watt won bronze with Luke Shepherd finishing fifth.

It was another great start on Saturday morning with the younger boys all swimming PBs in the 400m freestyle. Matthew picked up a bronze medal and Blair Fotheringham won gold in the boys’ 14 years. Nathan Watt took silver with Taylor Young finishing in the bronze medal position.

The girls’ 800 freestyle followed with Sophie Smith finishing in fourth place. Ally Morrison won gold with Ashley Thomson securing silver. Megan Baty won a hard fought bronze in the 13 years age group.

There was another bunch of well deserved times for the young boys in the 200m IM with Blair Geddes securing a bronze medal in the 10-12 age group. Ethan picked up another medal this time the silver, while in the 15/16 age group it was a St Thomas one, two, three, four, five - Dan Baty (16) winning gold with Taylor silver and Luke bronze; Nathan touched home fourth with Ross Geddes (15) fifth.

Mark Shepherd won silver in the top age group.

Saturday finished with the 200 breaststroke, Ally Morrison taking gold and Heather Ingram swimming a determined race. In an exciting 400 freestyle race Ally Morrison won gold with Ashley Thomson winning bronze and Sophie Smith finishing in fourth.

In the 14 years age group Megan and Heather swam a closely fought race finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, while Katie Phillips swam strongly to win silver.

Matthew Michie continued with his much improved form to win bronze in the 800 fc. Taylor Young won silver in the boys 15/16 years and Nathan Watt the bronze.

The girls 200 IM also produced a flood of medals and PB times - Katie and Ally winning gold, Megan and Ashley silver and Heather bronze. The medal haul continued in the boys 200 breaststroke with Matthew winning bronze.

The gruelling 1,500 was swam on Sunday morning. For the boys, Matthew and Taylor won silver medals and Blair Geddes a bronze. Robert finished in fifth place taking three minutes off his entry time.

The girls’ 200 FC also bought forth a host of PBs. Ally took another gold medal with Sophie finishing fourth. Megan again swam a strong freestyle finishing up with a bronze medal. In the 14 years age group Katie won the silver medal in a new personal best time.

Sunday afternoon began with the 200 butterfly and Mark Shepherd was once again in fine form winning the gold medal in the 17+ age group. In a new PB time Ross won the gold medal in the 14 years category. The girls’ 1,500m followed with Ally winning the gold medal and Ashley Thomson the bronze.

The boys 200 FC completed the weekend session with another set of PBs and medals. Blair Fotheringham won gold in the boys’ 13 years age group, while in the 15/16 age group Dan Baty won gold, Taylor won bronze with Ross Geddes fourth and Luke Shepherd fifth.