Season well and truly under way

Abbey Club

IN THE first round of the Hunter Cup last Tuesday evening, Abbey (2)’s team of Declan and Brian Johnston, Dave Beattie and Peter Speirs took on last year’s winners, Maryfield, at Invergowrie where they recorded a fine win by 8 shots. However, on Thursday at Carnoustie West End they failed to progress any further, losing to Barnhill 19 - 14.

Also on Thursday Abbey (1)’s team of George Addison, Jim Crighton, Ron Wilson and Jim Arthur had a comfortable win against Balgay (1) at Newgate by 17 shots to 10.

Saturday’s game was against local rivals Newgate at Abbey which Newgate won by 10 shots.

Abbey v. Newgate

14 K. Tosh A. Low 26

23 J. Lowson W. Johnston 15

15 D. Petrie S. Sibley 22

19 P. Speirs T. Puller 24

23 J.S. Paterson E. Martin 13

13 D. O’Neill C. Cooper 17

107 117

Also being played on Saturday was the first round of the Aberbrothock Trophy at Lochlands against Abbey who got off to the better start. They took an early lead in all five rinks which they never lost to give Abbey a 41-shot cushion going into the second leg.

Lochlands v. Abbey

16 D. Smith D. Whitton 18

14 D. Brown T. Mill 26

12 K. Moir T. Coull 22

12 W. Cargill B. Tosh 25

16 R. Wilson R. Wilson 20

70 111

The ladies’ first game of the season was away to Newgate where Liz Lowson’s rink won 10-4 against Barbara Park, and Ely Marnie’s rink lost to Linda Cargill’s 9-6 giving Abbey a 16-13 win.

Junior coaching started on Saturday morning when 18 youngsters attended. Judging by the friendly rivalry and noise they were making they were happy to be back. At the behest of Bowls Scotland the club has appointed two child protection officers - Janette Tosh and Margaret Fraser - who were introduced to the youngsters prior them going on to the green

Also completing the course on behalf of the SYBA is the head coach Ali Burnett.

Arbroath Club

FRIENDLY match played last Wednesday, April 25.

Carnoustie v Arbroath

4 I. Riddell D. Reid 16

9 A. McKay W. Lawrence 15

14 A. Spalding J.L. Millar 8

12 T. McLean D. Nicholson 7

39 46

Saturday friendlies

Arbroath v. Broughty Castle

16 J. McKelvie J. Robb 17

26 C. Coull T. Walsh 14

18 J. Bogue J. Cochrane 22

13 E. Eaton I. Smart 20

12 G. Preston K. Duncan 26

85 99

Carnoustie W.E. v. Arbroath

27 R. Torrie D. Gallacher 9

16 M. Stewart J. White 17

29 R. Gowans E. Scott 8

27 D. McGill D. Harvey 11

7 M. Black G. Stewart 27

106 72

Ladies’ Section

ABC v. Newgate

Arbroath Ladies hosted their first friendly of the season against Newgate. In a closely fought game Arbroath ended ahead in both rinks.

ABC: H. Beattie, J. Smeaton, D. Clarke, S. Simpson 12; I. Ingram, J. Webster, J. Williamson, T.McKay, 16. Total 28

Newgate: L. McLeod, A, Szatan, P. Smith, I. Anderson, 7; I. Johnstone, N. Spence, B. Park, R. Ferguson, 9. Total 16.

Angus Senior League

Results from games played on Tuesday: Lochlands 0, Letham 7; Canmore 6, Parkview 1; Hope Paton 0, Newgate 7; Carnoustie 3, Abbey 4; Monifieth 2, Brechin 5; Boyle Park 2, Montrose 5; Carnoustie WE 7, Arbroath 0.

Lochlands Club

Aberbrothock Trophy

THE FIRST leg of the Aberbrothock Trophy competition played at Lochlands resulted in a heavy 42-shot defeat for the home side.

Lochlands v. Abbey

16 D. Smith D. Whitton 19

14 D. Brown T. Mill 26

16 R.D. Wilson R. Wilson 20

12 W. Cargill R. Tosh 25

12 K. Moir T. Coull 22

70 112

Angus Senior League

After a winning whitewash last week, the Vets were on the receiving end when Letham inflicted a similar result.

Lochlands v. Letham

12 W. Cargill J. Ramsay 15

9 K. Moir J. Clark 21

9 D. Smith J. Easton 12

30 (0 points) (7 points) 48

Newgate Club

Hunter Cup

NEWGATE Bowling club’s interest in the Hunter Cup ended on Thursday when the Newgate (2) team of Ken Swan, Billy Sturrock, Scott Sibley and Forbes Szatan travelled to Broughty and lost by five shots to Baxter Park.

Saturday friendlies

On Saturday, the away team played at Abbey and the home team entertained Lochee. Both Newgate teams managed to record comfortable wins. The home game was sponsored by Creature Comforts Cattery, Marywell.

Newgate v. Lochee

19 J. Spence S. Stewart 15

21 F. Szatan A.Moir 18

25 T.Reid A.Cuthbert 7

20 B.Reid S.McAulay 14

15 G.Davies P.Dyer 22

15 A.Pearson S.Garland 16

115 92

Abbey v. Newgate

15 D.Petrie S. Sibley 22

19 P.Speirs T.Pullar 24

23 J.Lowson W.Johston 15

23 J.Patterson E.Martin 13

14 K.Tosh A.Low 26

13 D.O’Neil C.Cooper 17

107 117

The friendlies for tomorrow (Saturday) are at home to Broughty Castle and away to Brechin.

Senior League

Newgate travelled to Hope Paton on Tuesday for a Senior League fixture. Next week’s match is at home to Monifieth on Tuesday (May 8).

Club Fours

The first round of the Club Fours competition took place on Wednesday. Successful teams go forward into the next round to be

played on Wednesday (May 9). All players must report by 6.30 p.m.

Angus League

The first game in the Angus League takes place tonight (Friday) when Newgate travel to Fairfield. Team selection is on the noticeboard and players are asked to report to Newgate by 5.30.p.m.

Scottish Bowling Association

The 2012 Scottish Bowling Association competitions commence this coming week with the seniors playing on Monday afternoon with a 2 p.m. start. The Newgate A team of Dave Hodgens, Ian Teviotdale, Jim Spence and Mike Flynn face Baxter Park B at Barnhill and the Newgate B team of Willie Smith (2), Jim Robbie, Ken Swan and Harry Burnett play Arbroath at Abbey.

The other ties to be played on Thursday, May 10, at 6.30 p.m. are: junior singles - Raymond Murray plays Fairfield at Carnoustie West End: singles - Paul Martin plays Broughty Castle at Arbroath: pairs - Dougal Dargie and Alan Low play Hillcrest at Monifieth: triples - Gerry Mould, Dave Spalding and Alex Napier play Lochee at Carnoustie West End: fours - Eric Milne, Bob Spence, Tom Pullar and Billy Sturrock play Monifieth at Carnoustie.

Ladies’ section

Last Wednesday, the ladies entertained the Abbey ladies in a two-rink friendly.The game ended in a win each in rinks but Abbey won on overall shots.

Newgate v. Abbey

4 B.Park L. Lowson 10

9 L.Cargill E.Marnie 6

13 16

Last Tuesday the ladies travelled to Brechin where fortunes were not in their favour and they lost by 19 shots.

Brechin v. Newgate

9 M. Gray A. Szatan 9

24 M.Cattenach P.Smith 5

33 14

The next friendly for the ladies is at home to Monifieth on Thursday, May 24.

Ladies’ 75th anniversary

On Sunday (May 6), the ladies hold the first of their 75th anniversary celebration games when they take on the men at Newgate. Team selections are on the noticeboard.

Members are asked to report at 1.30 for a 2 p.m. start. A meal will be provided after the game.