Season comes to an end with closing days at local clubs


Abbey Club

IN THE last seniors’ fixture of the season, Abbey played host to Craigie. After Tuesday’s terrible weather there were fears that the game might have to be cancelled but fortunately the fears were unfounded. Abbey recorded a 108-87 victory.

The ladies section of the Abbey Bowling Club held their annual presentation of trophies on saturday evening.

The ladies section of the Abbey Bowling Club held their annual presentation of trophies on saturday evening.


Abbey v Craigie

14 D. Moig J. McAulay 21

21 J. Lowson B. Husband 19

25 B. Skea J.M. Smith 10

13 B. Tosh J. Davie 17

17 D. Beattie J. Wynne 18

17 E. Cawthorne I. Wilson 10

108 87

The last competition to be completed was the final of the gents’ nominated triples, a game which ebbed and flowed in the early ends then suddenly turned as the long ends proved difficult for Dave Gow, Joe Gibson and John Prouse to catch, leaving Declan Johnston, Jim Wynne and Ian Croll to go on to win 14-12.

On Saturday Abbey were at Carnoustie for the last friendly of the season and finished on a high with a 145-132 win.


Carnoustie v Abbey

13 D. Merrilees D. Petrie 24

16 W. Collins R. Wilson 28

17 J. Cumming B. Tosh 25

12 T. McLean D. Wilson 28

19 B. Petrie D. O’Neill 13

18 D. Robertson J. Paterson 16

37 J. Renfrew P. Speirs 11

132 145

Ladies’ section

Prize-winners of the ladies’ section of Abbey Bowling Club were as follows.

Championship rinks - Karen Farmer, Alice Anderson, Jean Graham and Emma Philip; runners-up - Irene Eaton, Morag Mann, Margaret Croll and Mabel Main: championship triples - Ann Whitton, Lynn Whammond and Ely Marnie; runners-up - Marie Welsh, Joyce Mathieson and Margaret Croll: championship pairs - Ann Taylor and Kathleen Gordon; runners-up - Irene Eaton and Sheila Geddes.

Alice Laing Triples - Jean Graham, Davina McGregor and Emma Philip; runners-up - Irene Eaton, Sheila Geddes and Ely Marnie: nominated two-bowl pairs - Sheila Geddes and Emma Philip; runners-up - Janette Tosh and Margaret Fraser: Mae Knox singles - Davina McGregor; runner-up - Ella Moss: handicap singles - Davina McGregor; runner-up - Kathleen Gordon: Giddings & Lewis singles - Davina McGregor; runner-up - Kathleen Gordon: championship singles - Kathleen Gordon; runner-up - Emma Philip.

Arbroath Club

ARBROATH Bowling Club held their closing game on Saturday.

The afternoon started with a ‘spider’ game which was won by Kenny Macpherson.

Prize-winning ‘touchers’ were delivered by Lawrie Gallacher and Willie Lawrence.

A 17-end game followed, president v vice-president, resulting in a six-shot win for the vice-president’s team.


12 D. Skene D. Strachan 13

10 L. Herron G. Mathieson 22

17 B. Waddell K. Macmillan 15

22 E. Scott C. Coull 11

14 I. Scott J. White 20

75 81

Newgate Club

ON SATURDAY the annual gents Juniors v Seniors (over 60) game was played in sporting fashion when the seniors demonstrated their experience and recorded a comfortable win.

The trophy was handed over by club president and team captain for the juniors, Willie Johnston, to the seniors’ team captain, Ken Swan. The game was sponsored by the Graham family.

Juniors v Seniors

10 A. Caird B. Sibley 25

12 W. Johnston K. Swan 21

13 E. Martin A. Smith 21

21 C. Cooper D. Perkins 9

56 76

Gents’ closing day

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the gents’ closing day. Gents are asked to report at 2 for a 2.30 p.m start.

Ladies’ section

The ladies held their annual closing game and presentation of prizes followed by a quiz and light entertainment on Sunday.

The main trophy winners were:

Singles and Arbroath Town Champion - Margaret Cargill; pairs - Margaret and Ann Cargill; triples - Carolann Herron, Ann Cargill and Pat Smith.