Recent rainy weather makes environment better for trout


The recent rain has been welcome in as much as it has flushed the system through and lowered the water temperature, making it a more comfortable environment for the trout. Water clarity has improved again making good presentation all the more important.

The Boathouse has fished reasonably well with several of the best catches being taken on smaller flies. Mr Muir took three fish on dry flies for a total of 10lbs.

The Burnside Pool has enjoyed a red letter week with four large fish being taken and all of them released.

Richard Marshall topped the returns with a fish estimated at 15lbs, taken on a corixa imitation.

Another excellent rainbow estimated at 12lbs fell to Ian Barlow; Kenny Spottiswood landed one estimated at 10lbs and Gordon Matthews enticed a superbly conditioned rainbow of 7lbs. In addition to these Craig Dixon had 15 fish on a catch-and-release option.

There has been plenty of surface activity on the Bankside Pool but the fish have been hard to catch. Smaller nymphs and buzzers have produced the better results.

Woodside the any legal method pool fished especially well on Saturday when 37 fish were taken for a total of 74lbs. Best fish for the week from this pool weighed 4lbs 3ozs and was taken by Charlie Buchan.

Lintrathen Loch

With the cooler weather being here just now, there has been very good fishing on Lintrathen loch recently. A lot of anglers have been taking fish all over the loch, with the bulk being taken close to the edges at the Sawmill end. Good catches have also been taken down around the Dam wall area.

Most of the action has been on top of the water with floating lines and the best flies have been reported as Candy Floss boobies, Diawl Bachs and small Kate McLarens.

Anglers who have taken fish under the surface with Midge tip lines have been using Yellow Dancers and Green and Black lures.

Results: Scottish Angling Imp Assc. 5 boats, 29 fish for 54lbs 15ozs; N.C.R. 5 boats, 19 for 38lbs 4ozs.

Best Individual boats: Messrs Lennon, Robertson and Jeffrey 8 for 16lbs 4ozs, Mr Forester 4 for 7lbs 8ozs, Jim Moncur 4 for 9lbs 8ozs, Mr Forester 4 for 7lbs 4ozs, Geordie Smith 4 for 8lbs 6ozs, Messrs Lennon, Robertson and Jeffrey 8 for 15lbs 4ozs.


Carlogie Dam is fishing really well at present with the recent wet, cooler weather.

Recent catches include S Reilly Carnoustie C/R 4, S Watson Muirdrum C/R 7, D Roy Broughty Ferry C/R 6, I Chaplain Carnoustie C/R 6, G Paterson Brechin C/R 3, G Kerr Alva C/R 4, N Spence Arbroath C/R 20, W Clark Forfar C/R 6, C Cameron Dundee C/R 7, G Woods Montrose C/R 10, G Anderson Dundee C/R 6, N Boatrh Tayport C/R 2, I Wallace Montrose C/R 3, A Stewart Dundee C/R 4, T Hellard Brechin C/R 3, D Glover Dundee C/R 5, J Gilbert Carnoustie C/R 6, F Mann Carnoustie C/R 4, S McAlllan Arbroath C/R 9, D Mahoney Dundee C/R 8, B Selvey Carnoustie C/R 9. Catch and keep include G Watson Kirriemuir 2 for 4lb, J Reid Kingsmuir 4 for 9lb, F Jaffray Aberdeen 3 for 6lb, A Monro Dundee 2 for 7lb 8oz.

One green tagged fish was caught earning the angler £25.