Racing from Ridsdale

Arbroath Society

ARBROATH Racing Pigeon Society held their second old bird race at the weekend. Five members sent 130 birds to Ridsdale where they were liberated at 7.45 a.m. in a north wind.

Results: C. Cameron, 1048.45; C. Cameron, 1044.51; C. Cameron, 1005.53; C. Cameron, 969.09; K. Murphy, 925.68; K. Murphy, 924.68; K. Murphy, 921.08; W. Dorward, 826.14; J. Peebles, 678.16; A. and A. Shepherd, 649.80.

Inchcape Society

SEVEN members of Inchcape Racing Pigeon Society sent 136 birds to the race from Ridsdale on Saturday. They were liberated at 7.45 a.m. in a light north wind.

Results: H. Graham, 917.395; C. and A. Carrie, 896.96; H. Graham, 873.10; C, and A. Carrie, 871.87; B. Wilkie, 851.35; W. Hamilton, 849.80; C, and A. Carrie, 842.73; C. and A. Carrie, 833.53; J. Robertson, 828.27; H. Graham, 817.54; B. Main, 749.16; G. McKenzie, 582.17.


Rotary Tri-Am

ARBROATH Rotary Club held a very successful Tri-Am at the weekend.

Results were: 1, Forres Loons, 57; 2, We Are Souls, 58, bih; 3, Abbey Blinds & Designs, 58, bih; 4, The Ospreys, 58.

Yellow ball: 1, We Are Souls, 65; 2, Brookfield, 68, bih; 3, Keep It In The Family, 68.

Arbroath Artisan

Ladies’ Section

Stableford round two, Saturday and Tuesday, May 5 and 8, CSS: 72 – 1, E. Shepherd (15) 35 pts; 2, S. McBean (23) 33; 3, M. Clarke (17) 32, bih.

Letham Grange

Ladies’ Section

Medal 3 and Summer Strokeplay, Old Course, May 8, Division One – 1, C. Clark (15) 85. Division Two - B. Stirling (22) 88. The CSS was 77.

Better Ball Open

Draw for the Four-ball Better Ball Open to be played over the Glens Course on Monday.

9.30 a.m. - Jean Clarke and Kathleen Porter, Panmure Barry; Betsy Stirling, Letham Grange, and Fiona Anderson, Montrose. 9.40 - Sylvia Newton and Shirley Thomson, Panmure Barry; Pat Bruce and Isabel English, Letham Grange. 9.50 - Wilma Donnelly and Sue Baxby, Panmure Barry; Sandra Youngson and Carole Clarke, Letham Grange.

10 a.m. - Ann Hutchison and Eileen Gibson, Panmure Barry; Heather Miller, Letham Grange, and Sandra Begg, Arbroath. 10.30 - Margaret Cooper, Kirriemuir, and Jean Henderson, Strathmore; Helen Kelly and Angela Crabb, Letham Grange.

11 a.m. - Fiona Watson, Brechin, and Maureen Wilson, Aboyne; Eila Reid, Letham Grange, and Anne Anderson, Rosemount.