Racing from Leicester for local pigeon clubs

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Five members of the Arbroath Society sent 73 birds to their seventh old bird race from Leicester on Saturday. They were liberated at 6 a.m. in a south-east wind. Results: C. Cameron, 1346.88;

C. Cameron, 1346.75; C. Cameron, 1336.53; K. Murphy, 1277.71; W. Dorward, 1209.97; A. and A. Shepherd, 1052.82; J. Peebles, 861.91.

Inchcape club

Five members of Inchcape Racing Pigeon Club sent 40 birds to Leicester on Saturday, liberated at 6 a.m. into a light south wind. Results: L. McKay: 1316.59; B. Main: 1279.37; W. Hamilton: 1262.89; L. McKay: 1209.16; L. McKay: 1201.28; C. and A. Carrie: 1192.32; B. Main: 1190.64; L. McKay: 1165.10.