Prize-winners at Friockheim Bowling Club

AT THE presentation evening held at Friockheim Bowling Club on Saturday, October 15, the following members were presented with their trophies:

Men’s Green Championship (Perfecto Cup) - C. R. Gunn; runner-up, I. Lawson. Wilkie Cup - F. Gunn; runner-up, J. Miller. Burnett Trophy - D. Balfour; runner-up, R. Smith. Shanghai Cup - C.R. Gunn; runner-up, D. Ross. Cuthbert Cup - C.R. Gunn; runner-up, I. Lawson. Jim Youngson - C.R. Gunn; runner-up, I. Lawson.

Ernest Taylor Cup - I. West; runner-up, C.R. Gunn. Catto Cup - I. Lawson; runner-up, Mrs D. Balfour. Forbes Pairs - C.R. Gunn and I. West; runners-up, M. Gunn and J. Jackson. Cairdene Pairs - R. Smith and I. West; runners-up, F. Gunn and C. R. Gunn. Arthur Stott - S. West; runner-up, J. Jackson.

Sylvia Sinclair Rosebowl - Mrs. J. Cochran and S. West; runners-up, Mrs. D. Balfour and S. Smith. Boswell Triples - D. Cochran, D. Milne and Mrs S. Spurway; runners-up, S. Melrose, D. Ross and Mrs. D. Balfour. Gent’s Hat Night (Bert Copland Trophy) - D. Miller; runner-up, D. Alexander. Ladies’ Hat Night (Jock Henderson Trophy) - Mrs. J. Cochran; runner-up, Mrs. I. Miller.