Power lifting champs at the Warehouse

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AN ARBROATH gym held their biannual powerlifting competition at the weekend.

The Warehouse Gym hosted the Warehouse Open Winter Cup on Saturday and trophies were competed across four weights categories.

The competition was run according to the regulations set out by the International Powerlifting Federation.

A total of 16 weightlifters battled it out on the bench press, shoulder press, deadlift and squat to find who had the highest one repetition maximum.

Winners were: up to 75kg – Jonathan Moreland; 75-85kg – Mathew Hay; 85-95kg – Mike Spink and 95kg and over – Craig Tough.

Warehouse Gym owner Lee Page was delighted with the response. He said: “All the athletes were great, especially with some big lifts from some of the lighter weight classes.

“There were a couple of 74 kilo lads who managed to deadlift 200 kilos.

“The two lighter weight classes were very well represented, with a few first time lifters entering the competition. It was so tight it actually came down to the last lift of the classes to find out who the eventual winner was.”

The biggest deadlift of the day was a massive 260 kilos and a squat of 240 kilos.

The next power lifting competition will be held in the summer, and thanks to high levels of interest Lee is considering holding entry heats or running it over two days.

Also for the future is a strongman event and also an endurance competition for men and women.