Portcullis (2) safe

Arbroath & District

Pool League

THE PORTCULLIS (2) team defeated their Portcullis (3) colleagues in Tuesday night’s relegation play-off match. Commiserations go to the Portcullis (3) team which is relegated and will play in Division Two next season.

Sidey Division One

Relegation play-off: Portcullis (2) 7, Portcullis (3) 2.

Final placings

P W D L Pts Ram’s Heid 2 22 20 1 1 41 Cliffburn 1 22 17 3 2 37 Portcullis 1 22 16 4 2 36 Burns Bar 1 22 16 2 4 34 Railway Inn 1 22 11 3 8 25 Legion 1 22 7 2 13 16 Fishermans 2 22 6 4 12 16 Letham Htel 1 22 5 6 11 16 Ram’s Heid 1 22 6 1 15 13 Portcullis 2 22 4 3 15 11 Portcullis 3* 22 4 3 15 11 Legion 3 22 3 2 17 8

*relegated after play-off match

AJ Beedie Jewellers Arbroath Open

The AJ Beedie Jewellers Arbroath Open will be held at Seaton House, Seaton Estate, Arbroath, tomorrow (Saturday).

Those drawn in matches six to 22 (inclusive) should ensure they are signed in at the venue for 11 a.m. All other players should sign in for 12 noon.

Rules will be blackball, with players lagging the first frame with alternative breaks from then on. Players are to referee their own matches with a floating referee in place on the day. The tournament director reserves the right to introduce the one-minute rule at any time to prevent slow play.

The full draw is as follows:

Last 128:

1, Ryan Fleming v bye; 2, Craig Scott v bye; 3, Dougie MacKenzie v bye; 4, Gordon Smith v bye; 5, Sean Hardwick v bye; 6, Stuart Campbell v Simon Mitchell; 7, Ryan MacKenzie v Chris Lawrie; 8, Colin Brown v Steve Selvey; 9, Chris Martin v Andy “Anvil” Hogg; 10, Eric Galloway v Spence Jamieson.

11, Dave Penny v Derek Wilkie; 12, Steve Webster v Vytas Susinskas; 13, Davy Jack v Andy Wares; 14, Conor Warren v Elaine Buchan; 15, Stuart Smith v Wayne Robertson; 16, Jamie Robertson v Tam Walkinshaw; 17, Sandy McAllan v Gary Scott; 18, Mark Gray v Garry Mitchell; 19, Paul Duncan v Kent Mitchell; 20, Luke Lawson v Jim Falconer.

21, Dave Buchan v Jim Kearnan; 22, Euan Sharpe v Jim Dear; 23, Stuart Fraser v Kris Cameron; 24, Mike Thompson v Danny Lyons; 25, Gordon Dickson v Alex Cargill; 26, Michael Bastow v Mark Farquharson; 27, Chris Gray v Josh Brannan; 28, Jamie Sievewright v Gareth Ruxton; 29, Peter Robertson v Davie Williams; 30, Mark McGlashan v Billy Leahy.

31, Tam Smith v Alex Whyte; 32, Jimmy Pollock v Dean Anderson; 33, Josh Longmuir v George McKiddie; 34, Graham Dunbar v Greg Alexander; 35, George Fairweather v Richard Paterson; 36, Colin Smith v James Jackson; 37, William Leahy v Jason ‘JJ’ Hebenton; 38, Paul Cameron v Steve Hamilton; 39, Brian Craig v John Pollock; 40, Marc Fleming v Wayne Green.

41, Ryan Leslie v Jeff Barthorpe; 42, Arthur Faulkner v Gordon Taylor; 43, Gavin Cargill v Lindsay Palser; 44, John Maud v Dale Leith; 45, Scott Dunbar v John McHugh; 46, Alan Doyle v Scott MacEwan; 47, Paul Kelly v Danny Mudie; 48, Jordan Myles v Roy Middleton; 49, Steven Anderson v Mark Donald; 50, Steve Hallam v Frankie Falconer.

51, Ally Menzies v Tam Shepherd; 52, Graham Ross v Alan Reid; 53, Scott Cruickshank v John Fotheringham; 54, Tom Dye v Lee Marshall; 55, Kevin Duncan v Steve Hardwick; 56, Mark Crozier v Dean Smith; 57, Craig Fairweather v Christian Watt; 58, Martin Cherry v Chris Hardwick; 59, Jamie Stewart v Gary McLeish; 60, Gary Stewart v Allan Kelman.

61, Phil Craig v Robbie Proudfoot; 62, Kevin Brown v Paddy Nicoll; 63, Ricky Dewars v Dave McFarlane; 64, Andy Braid v Phil Bowman.

Last 64:

65, Ryan Fleming v Craig Scott; 66, Dougie MacKenzie v Gordon Smith; 67 Sean Hardwick v winner match 6; 68, winner match 7 v winner match 8; and so on.

Finals Day

This year’s Arbroath and District Pool League finals day will be held at Crown Parks Seaton Estate on Sunday (May 20).

Sign-in is 11.30 a.m. for a noon start and all team captains must attend a meeting at 11.30 a.m. prompt to go through the rules for the day.

The running order will be: Knock-out Cup, semis and final: Ram’s Heid (1) v Cliffburn (1); Portcullis (1) v Ram’s Heid (2).

These games will take place first, starting at 12 noon.

As soon as they are finished the final will take place on two tables.

Consolation Cup, quarters, semis and final: Cliffburn (2) v Railway Inn (1); Legion (3) v Portcullis (2); Portcullis (3) v Legion (1); Fishermans (1) v Fishermans (2).

Team captains or a representative must contact Steve Webster on the pool mobile and confirm your team’s attendance.

Doubles final: Steve Webster and Ian Anderson v Martin Cherry and Steve Hamilton.

Singles: last 16 to conclusion - Colin Brown v Steve Hallam; Stuart Smith v Kevin Brown; Ian Anderson v Gary McLeish; Gareth Ruxton v Neil Walker; Neil Davidson v Garry Mitchell; Mark McGlashan v Tam Walkinshaw; Roy Middleton v Steve Webster; George Fairweather v Gordon Smith.

This is a straight draw as listed.

The presentation of trophies will take place immediately following the conclusion of the singles final, hoped to be about 8.30 p.m.

Division winners and runners-up trophies and various other tournament winners’ trophies from throughout the season will also be presented.

Request for


The tables for the Arbroath Open and finals day are being delivered to Seaton House on Saturday at 8 a.m.. The committee would appreciate it if some players can make it to Seaton House at that time to assist with the moving of the tables.