New season begins

ARBROATH and District Pool League began its new season on Tuesday night.

Division One

Results: Legion 1 5, Cliffburn 1 7; Letham 1 5, Railway 1 7, Portcullis 2 11, Abbey 1; Ram’s Heid 2 11, Newgate 1; Stag 6, Ram’s Heid 1 6; Station 1 0, Portcullis 1 12.

Fixtures: Abbey v Letham 1; Cliffburn 1 v Stag; Portcullis 1 v Legion 1; Portcullis 2 v Ram’s Heid 2; Railway 1 v Newgate; Ram’s Heid 1 v Station 1.

Division Two

Results: Cliffburn 2 5, Bowlers 7; Legion 3 7, Station 2 5; Portcullis 3 8, Letham 2 4; Railway 2 7, West Port 2 5; St Tams 7, Legion 2 5; West Port 1 7, Fishermans 5.

Fixtures: Bowlers v Portcullis 3; Letham 2 v Cliffburn 2; Fishermans v Railway 2; West Port 2 v Legion 3; Legion 2 v West Port 1; Station 2 v St Tams.

Results should be sent by text or ‘phoned in to the match secretary by the captain of the home team, upon completion of the match.

Arbroath Masters 2012

This year’s Masters will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at the Portcullis with a sign-in time of 11.30 a.m. The entry fee will remain at £20 per player, with the format from the last event being retained (four groups of four, with the top two in each group going on to form the quarter-finals).

The group stage will be races to four (matches stop once a player gets to 4, i.e. not all frames are played out) and the knock-out stage will start as races to five. Players should note that races may be increased in the semis and/or final, but this will only happen if time permits. In the groups, frame difference will be used to separate players tied on points, if players are still tied then head to head record will be used.

Players are invited to compete depending on their final place in the ADPL ranking system. Those players invited to this year’s event have been contacted and should respond to the match secretary as soon as possible to confirm their attendance.

Individual Membership #5

Arbroath have seven players travelling to the national finals of Individual Membership #5 this weekend at Nonsuch, Saltcoats.

The players are Richard Paterson, Sean Hardwick, Dave McFarlane, Colin Smith, Ian Anderson, Tam Walkingshaw and Graham Dunbar.

The committee wishes them all the best of luck for the tournament.

SPA Scottish Doubles

The draw for the SPA Scottish Doubles has been carried out and Arbroath have been awarded two qualifying spaces to the national finals.

The draw is as follows:

Match one: Michael Bastow/Scott MacEwan v Tam Walkingshaw/Gary McLeish; Match two: Jonathan Cargill/Garry Mitchell v Graham Dunbar/Steve Webster.

These matches are best of nine frames, the deadline being Friday, October 26. The winners must notify the match secretary by text or ‘phone.