Men’s Darts League Singles Championship draw

ARBROATH and District Men’s Darts League singles will be played on Monday night at eight venues.

It is the player’s own responsibility to register with the venue referee before 8 p.m. Play down to one winner at each venue with the eight winners making up the draw list for finals night.

Station Bar: P. Duncan; P. Gibson; S. Hodgens; W. Whitson; L. Tait; D. Riddell; D. Simpson; B. Geddes; J. Tough; D. MacKenzie (Jnr); S. Guthrie; S. Cook; E. Collier; C. Watt; A. Bruce; N. Guthrie and B. Dall.

Referee – Bobby Geddes.

Abbey: J. Davies; H. Gray; J. Scott; M. Christie; S. Goram; A. Falconer; G. Soutar; D. Kelly; G. Christie; A. Findlay; M. Thomson; J. Cooper; J. Gillan; B. Reid; Mark Shepherd and M. Farquharson.

Referee – Mark Shepherd.

Ram’s Heid: R. Menmuir; A. Culley; A. Low; S. McCormack; J. Brown; G. MacKenzie; L. Ritchie; B. Stirling; A. Begg; R. Millar; J. Bell; A. Best; Martin Shepherd; R. Guthrie; J. Stewart; A. Spence and A. Soutar.

Referee – Alan Soutar.

Bowlers: K. Swankie; S. Barclay; R. Cobb; W. Radunski; S. May; D. Air; I. McAllan; I. Christie; J. Myles; G. Dunsmore; S. Reaney; J. Duncan; R. Crosbie; S. Forsyth; M. Jones; A. Forsyth and G. McRae.

Referee – Michael Jones.

Legion: G. Walls; C. Dell; S. Barber; T. MacLeod; S. Simpson; K. Lavery; N. Wight; A. Wood; N. Jackson; T. Hopkins; G. Finnie; J. Ross; W. Henderson; G. Smith; C. Jones; G. Duncan and M. Elder.

Referee – Mike Elder.

Portcullis: C. Paterson; M. Wilkie; S. Allerdice; M. Craig; L. Wilson; C. Cameron; C. Innes; Jim Elliott (Ram’s Heid); M. Angus; T. Strannock; G. Strannock; J. Barr; D. Cooper; S. Robertson; J. Sievewright and B. Beattie.

Referee – Bob Beattie.

Fishermans: M. Cook; R. Baker; P. Myatt; I. Milne; N. McHardy; J. Culley; G. Will; A. Clark; B. Russell; A. Whitton; D. MacKenzie (Snr); J. Hajda; W. Crosbie; T. Paul; D. Hunter and S. Mitchell.

Referee – Bob Russell.

Burns Bar: A. McEwan; D. Boath; D. Sievwright; K. Watt; G. MacDougall; D. Craig; S. Green; J. Balfour; R. Torrie; B. Fullerton; D. Bruce; W. Kidd; P. Falconer; F. Green; M. Carle and S. Kerr.

Referee – Davie Bruce

Referees should text the winner’s name into the darts mobile on the night of the qualifier.

Cup results

First leg results in the Knock-out Cup final was: Burns Bar (1) 4, Fishermans (2) 9.

In the Consolation Cup competition, the first semi-final resulted: Legion (1) 7, Lorne 6. The second semi-final will be played on Wednesday in the Fishermans Lounge between Abbey (2) and Fishermans (1).

180 scorers - R. Torrie, B. Dall.

Low legs: 14 darts – A. Forsyth; 16 darts – C. Taylor; 17 Darts – D. Craig and M. Thomson (double).

High checkouts: 114 – J. Brown

British internationals

Alan Soutar travels down to Blackpool today (Friday) to meet up with his Scottish team-mates prior to the start of the British internationals. On Sunday, Scotland will take on Wales in the morning session and England in the afternoon session.

Alan is hoping to be selected for both matches and to pick up two caps on his debut.

Live updates will be available on the BDO website at

Montrose Open

This year’s Montrose Open competition will be played on Saturday, April 23, at The Black Abbot.

Registration and entry is on the day from 10.30 a.m. Men’s entry is £7 and the winner will walk away with £500.

Association agm

The Angus Darts Association annual general meeting will take place on Saturday, April 16, at 11 a.m. in the function suite at the Red Lion Holiday Park, Arbroath

The Scottish Singles qualifier for the Angus area will take place after the meeting.

Players register at 12.30 p.m. Toe the oche at 1 p.m.


All the latest results, fixtures and league tables can be found at

Arbroath Ladies’

Darts League

ARBROATH Ladies’ Darts Leagues triples ties are to be played on Thursday, April 14. Players should sign in for 7.45 p.m.

Play down to one at each venue. Results to 854782.

The draw is as follows:

Pageant: A. Pedgrift, G. Anderson and D. Pedgrift, Cricket Club; J. Falconer, J. Ritchie and A. Greig, Portcullis (2); G. MacGregor, Y. Powell and M. Grant, Burns (2); L. McConnachie, H. Watson and P. Ritchie, Burns (1); D. Robson, L. Robson and S. Pedgrift, Cricket Club; J. Lowson, A. Thurgood and D. Thurgood, Pageant (1); I. Whyte, P. Whyte and L. Russell, British Legion; J. Falconer, C. Thain and K. Docherty, Pageant (2); S. Scragg, L. Girdwood and M. Tosh, Victoria.

Referee: Julie Falconer.

St Tam’s: C. Shand, A. Stather and G. Livingston, Tutties; I. Crosbie, V. Waddell and A. Gibb, Burns (1); K. Cull, S. McWilliams and M. Cull, St Tam’s (2); L. Swankie, A. Gray and A. Findlay, Portcullis (2); S. Dorward, J. Duffy and L. Cooper, Portcullis (1); K. Smith, N. Swankie and Z. Powell, Burns (2); L. Black, M. McKay and J. McNicoll, Lorne; M. Green, E. Smith and M. Cooper, St Tam’s (1); S. Shepherd, N.Milne and T. Shepherd, British Legion.

Referee: Jean McNicoll.

Fishermans: M. Cameron, J. Greig and A. Finnie, Portcullis (2); K. Smeaton, C. Morrison and S. Bayley, Fishermans; M. Barthorpe, D. Lennard and K. Hunter, Ship; I. McGowan, Pageant (2) and P. Nicoll and L. Ramsay, Cricket Club; K. Fulton, B. Fulton and J. Pengelly, Tutties; G. Spence, E. Lyall and P. McCann, Burns (1); S. Fairweather, A. Jeffrey and M. Taylor, Portcullis (1); T. Barr, J. Marshall and A. Higgins, Bowlers; S. Milliken, M. McGowan and J. Donaldson, Burns (2); S. Buick, J. Smeaton and E. Shepherd, Fishermans.

Referee: Susan Buick.

Bowlers: T. Gibson, M. Gibson and R. Barker, Victoria; L. Errington, J. Gillies and M. Gillies, St Tam’s (2); P. Kiddie, A,. Forgie and F. Bowick, Tutties; P. Bell, I. Ford and M. Bennet, Millgate; L. Stewart, M. Stewart and M. Craik, Ram’s Heid (1); L. Archer, J. Forgie and T. Beal, Millgate; B. Smith, J. Middleton and D. Nicol, Fishermans; K. Hamilton, N. MacGregor and D. Lewis, Bowlers; D. Hopkins, Fishermans, and A. Smith and L. Thomson, Pageant (2); A. Burnett, E. Green and D. Stuart, Bowlers.

Referee: Debbie Stuart.