Mark marches on in Scottish Championships


Mark Fairweather travelled to Glasgow at the weekend to take part in the Boxing Scotland Ltd. open senior Scottish Championships.

His quarter-final opponent at the Scotstoun Sports Centre was James Manders, Granite City ABC.

Manders is a strong, durable, one paced-boxer who likes to walk down his opponent and land heavy clubbing shots. Fairweather is a more classical stylish boxer who likes to use fast three and four punch combinations before slipping out of range. This was the flow of round one. Fairweather used good hand speed to keep Manders off balance, scoring with crisp leads.

Round two found Manders taking the fight to Fairweather and his relentless stalking began to have some success, landing hard right crosses. Fairweather was not at the top of his form in this round and had to dig deep as he battled to the bell.

With the score looking like a round apiece, Fairweather started the third in determined fashion. Once more he took centre ring and dictated the flow of the contest with some fast left, right, left-hook combinations.

Manders was rattled and his earlier advantage was soon dismantled. Try as he might he could not get close enough to do any real damage and with the bell bringing the bout to a close the result was left to the ringside judges.

The new computerised scoring system now being used through out the world chooses three scores at random from the five judges who score the contest.

After verifying the result the MC announced a unanimous win for Mark Fairweather who now boxes in the semi-finals at the same venue in Glasgow on Saturday, March 15.

Although this was not his best performance, to box below your best and still win shows the quality that this young boxer has. With a few tactical changes which the coaching team have already planned, Mark Fairweather can be confident on his march to a potential Scottish title.