Mark is unlucky in fight

Mark Fairweather, Arbroath Amateur Boxing Club’s talented welterweight, travelled to Cumbernauld to take part in a bout against former Scottish Champion and Scottish international team member Martin Harkness.

From the opening bell Fairweather imposed himself on the bout and his opponent, using a variety of fast jabs and stiff right crosses he forced Harkness on to his back foot from where he tried to counter the dominant Fairweather.

During the close season Fairweather had been concentrating on improving his power punching and used this tactic to good effect in the second round when he had Harkness in trouble with some solid left-hooks and short rights.

Harkness used his vast experience of top-level competition to smother and hold while he regained composure, and attempted to counter his eager opponent.

The third and final round saw Fairweather taking control of centre ring and, slowing down his punch rate, land with solid thumping shots to head and body. Harkness took the attacks well, a credit to his conditioning, and countered with clever fast accurate lefts and rights.

Towards the end of the three minutes Fairweather had Harkness in trouble once again, landing a crunching right cross that shook him to his boots.

Desperately, Harkness clung on and managed to clear his head before responding with a brave two-fisted attack as Fairweather move in to finnish the job.

Thankfully for Harkness, the bell rang to end an excellent top-of-the-bill contest that more than lived up to expectations.

The judges at ringside delivered their verdict, and although the Arbroath corner were convinced their man had done enough to get the decision the victory was awarded to Harkness!

Although disappointed by the result, Fairweather and the coaching team knew that this had been one of his best performances against an excellent and vastly experienced boxer, and shows why Fairwether is on the shortlist for inclusion in the elite team for international selection.