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arbroath society

Three members of Arbroath Racing Pigeon Society sent 110 birds to Arniston on Saturday.

Results: K. Murphy, 941.07; K. Murphy, 944.18; K. Murphy, 946.09; W. Dorward, 1000.53.

Inchcape club

Five members of the Inchcape Pigeon Raving Club sent 74 Birds to Arniston on Saturday.

Results were: G. McKenzie, 926.96; C and A. Carrie, 885.66; C and A. Carrie, 803.38; B. Main, 672.91; B. Main, 641.37; B. Main, 587.80; B. Main, 501.60; B. Main, 479.39; L. McKay, 441.40; L. McKay, 436.60; W .Hamilton, 286.17.