Local anglers on their travels to fish in competitions

Five members of Arbroath Angling Club made the journey up to Dunkeld for the first evening competition on the River Tay.

Conditions were good and with warm light winds and a watery sun, things were looking good for a trout or two. Malc Gall had the biggest trout on the night at 14 ozs which he had in the first hour of starting and lost another that shook the hook as he brought it to the net.

Senior winner on the night was Les Shepherd who had six trout for 3lbs 6oz. Second was George [Sye] Gall with three for 1lb 12oz, third was Malc Gall one at 14oz and fourth Scott Reith with one at at 8oz.

Some anglers reported fish rising to the small sedges that were coming of the water but most hardly saw a fish rising for the whole evening which was disappointing considering the amount of fly that was coming of the water.

The next competition for club anglers is to Monikie’s island pond tonight (Friday) when the club has six boats booked giving 12 anglers the chance to fish

Last Saturday, three members made the journey up Glen Isla to fish the Backwater Dam. Conditions for fishing were not ideal as a very strong south westerly wind was blowing with virtually no cloud cover it was going to be a hard day’s fishing. However the three rods that fished reported sport to be not too bad with all three having caught 16 to 20 fish with most being undersize and put back to grow on.

Senior winner was George [Sye] Gall with three trout for 1lb 12oz and second was Scott Reith with one for 10oz.

The previous week 10 members fished the Lake of Menteith which is situated about three miles from Callander in the Trossachs.

Come weigh in at 5.30 p.m. only four anglers had fish to bring to the scales with the senior winner being George [Sye] Gall with seven trout for 16lbs. Second was Scott McGregor with one at 3lbs 6oz and third Scott Reith, one trout for 3lbs 2oz.

The junior winner was Keir Mudie who did very well landing two trout for 4lbs 8oz.