Lewis narrowly misses out on title win

Arbroath boxer Lewis Keith contested both the semi-final and final of the Scottish Intermediate Championships at Ravenscraig Sports Facility, Monerwell, last weekend.

In the semi-final last Saturday he faced Alistair Murray, of Doonhammers ABC.

This contest started at a good pace with the strong Murray trying to force the pace. Keith was composed under pressure and threw accurate double jabs and right hands to keep Murray in check.

The second round was more of the same but Keith was managing to push the Doonhamer lad back with hard combinations.

Keith had the edge going into the third but Murray launched a sustained attack which had the Arbroath man using all of his ringcraft to take the sting out of his opponent’s power.

The judges awarded Keith a split decision win in a very competitive bout which meant he had to make the journey back to Motherwell for the final the next day.

In the final last Sunday, Lewis faced Martin Lawrence, of Sparta ABC

These two boxers were evenly matched from the start and the first round was fought at a blistering pace with not much to split them at the end.

Lewis seemed to be getting the bout under control at the start of the second but Lawrence had his eye on the title and came on strong to finish.

In round three, both boxers had to dig deep. They exchanged punches right to the final bell and the effects of a draining weekend were showing on both boxers. The judges awarded the title to a delighted Martin Lawrence.

Lewis was disappointed but should take heart from the fact that he is at the top of his class in Scotland and had the ability to beat his opponent on another day.