Letham Grange update

DESPITE the closure of the Letham Grange Hotel membership of the Letham Grange Golf Club is still going strong.

The golf club are still operating at the Letham Grange resort and the number of members has been growing and is continuing to do so.

Next month the club will celebrate their 25th anniversary and are delighted with the way everybody has rallied around to ensure the club survives.

Volunteers are helping to staff the golf desk with others helping to cut the grass and rake bunkers.

Letham Grange residents have also donated £3000 to assist with the upkeep and have also gifted them with two golf buggies.

THE HARBOUR Trophy round one was played off scratch on Friday, May 13 on Glens Course and results were 1, A Crabb 83; 2, C Clark 86 and 3, J Beattie 87. CSS 67.

Ladies Open four ball betterball played Monday May 16 on the Glens Course: 1, H. Miller, Letham Grange (24); E. Shepherd, Arbroath (16) 63, 2, I. Johnstone, Letham Grange(21); E Milne,Arbroath (28) 65. Medal three and summer strokeplay played Saturday May 14 and Tuesday May 17 on the Old Course; Silver Division, C. Clark (16) 87 and bronze division, A Salariya (26) 87. CSS 77.