Latest news from Arbroath and District Pool League

Sidey Division One

RESULTS: Burns Bar (1) 5, Railway Inn (1) 7; Fishermans (2) 7, Ram’s Heid (1) 5; Legion (3) 5, Letham (1) 7; Portcullis (3) 5, Portcullis (1) 7; Cliffburn (1) 9, Portcullis (2) 3; Ram’s Heid (2) 10, Legion (1) 2.

Fixtures: Legion (1) v Burns Bar (1) ; Letham (1) v Fishermans (2); Portcullis (1) v Legion (3); Portcullis (2) v Portcullis (3); Railway Inn (1) v Cliffburn (1); Ram’s Heid (1) v Ram’s Heid (2).

Division Two

Results: Legion (2) 5, Bowlers 7; Letham (2) 7, Cliffburn (2) 5; Pageant 6, Ship Inn 6; Railway Inn (2) 3,  Stag 9; Station 7, Fishermans (1) 5; West Port 10, Burns Bar (2) 2.

Fixtures: Bowlers v Letham (2); Burns Bar (2) v Stag; Cliffburn (2) v Railway Inn (2); Fishermans (1) v West Port; Legion (2) v Pageant; Ship Inn v Station.

SPA Scottish Singles

Results: section one - Steve Webster lost to Greg Alexander, 6-1.

Section three - Grant Forsyth lost to Dave McFarlane, 6-2.

Section six - Jonathan Cargill lost to Martin Cherry, 6-4.

Fixtures: round two, section two - Paddy Nicoll v Martin Cherry.

Section three - Tam Comrie v Davie Williams.

Section four - Craig Humphries v Gavin Cargill.

Section five - Gareth Ruxton v Euan Sharpe; Scott MacEwan v Ian Anderson.

These ties must be completed by no later than Sunday 2nd October. Winner to text/phone the Match Secretary with result.

SPA Individual Membership event

The draw for the SPA Individual Membership event five has been carried out and is as follows:

Section one - 1, Steve Webster v bye; 2, Walter Preston lost to Steve Hardwick, 6-5; 3, Brian Craig v bye; 4, Paddy Nicoll v bye; 5, Steve Webster beat Steve Hardwick, 6-4; 6, Brian Craig lost to Paddy Nicoll, 6-3; 7, Steve Webster v Paddy Nicoll to determine who qualifies.

Section two - 1, Roy Middleton v bye; 2, Euan Sharpe beat Colin Smith, 6-5; 3, George Fairweather v bye; 4, Michael Bastow v bye; 5, Roy Middleton beat Euan Sharpe, 6-2; 6, George Fairweather gave walkover to Michael Bastow; 7, Roy Middleton v Michael Bastow to determine who qualifies.

Section three - 1. Richard Paterson v bye; 2. Paul Kelly lost to Sean Hardwick, 6-0; 3. Kenny McMIllan v bye; 4. Mark Crozier v bye; 5. Richard Paterson beat Sean Hardwick, 6-1; 6. Kenny McMillan beat Mark Crozier, 6-4; 7. Richard Paterson v Kenny McMillan to determine who qualifies.

Section four - 1, Graham Dunbar v bye; 2, Kent Mitchell beat John Maud, 6-5; 3, Gareth Ruxton v bye; 4, Gordon Dickson v bye; 5, Graham Dunbar lost to Kent Mitchell, 6-4; 6, Gareth Ruxton gave walkover to Gordon Dickson; 7, Kent Mitchell v Gordon Dickson to determine who qualifies.

Section five - 1, Scott MacEwan v bye; 2, Jonathan Cargill beat Steve Hamilton, 6-5; 3, Stuart Campbell v bye; 4, Martin Cherry v bye; 5, Scott MacEwan gave walkover to Jonathan Cargill; 6, Stuart Campbell lost to Martin Cherry, 6-0; 7, Jonathan Cargill lost to Martin Cherry, 6-4; Martin Cherry qualifies for the national finals.

The deadline for this event are as follows: match seven to be completed by no later than Sunday, October 9. Winner to text/’phone the result to the match secretary.

Rileys UK English Amateur Pool Masters

There will be a regional qualifier for the Rileys UK English Amateur Pool Masters at the Cliffburn Hotel to be played on five brand new Supreme tables, on Friday, October 14. Sign in for 7.30 p.m. This event will be open to all local areas including Dundee, Montrose, Brechin and Forfar.

The winner of the Arbroath qualifier will then go on to make up the last 32 at the national finals to be held in Liverpool/Manchester, venue to be confirmed.

Entry is £10, and it will be played to a race to six from the start. Anyone wishing to enter should call Graham Dunbar, 07925 739 795, or post in the relevant forum on the