Latest from the local rinks

The Arbroath Gents Town Championships 2013 were held at the Newgate Bowling Club on Saturday. Our picture shows the winners who are, from left, back - rinks winners, Newgate - Brian Sibley, Alex Napier, Scott Sibley and John McIlhatton: front - triples winners, Arbroath - Tony Jackson, Scott Teviotdale and Paul Carnegie; singles winner, Arbroath - Mike McWalter; and pairs winners, Arbroath - Neil Herron and George Mathieson.
The Arbroath Gents Town Championships 2013 were held at the Newgate Bowling Club on Saturday. Our picture shows the winners who are, from left, back - rinks winners, Newgate - Brian Sibley, Alex Napier, Scott Sibley and John McIlhatton: front - triples winners, Arbroath - Tony Jackson, Scott Teviotdale and Paul Carnegie; singles winner, Arbroath - Mike McWalter; and pairs winners, Arbroath - Neil Herron and George Mathieson.

Abbey Bowling Club ladies played host to Invergowrie in this week’s friendly. Nina Sibley’s rink won 17-2 while Alice Anderson’s rink lost 21-7 giving the game to Invergowrie 33-24.


In the semi-final of the gents’ senior triples, Dale Smith, Colin McKay and Dave Beattie won 19-14 against Tom Mill, Bob Tosh and Jim Arthur.

In the semi-final of the gents’ senior fours, Sy Steele, Ray Russell, John Prouse and Dave Whitton were victorious as they beat George Ross, John Lowson, Alan French and Bob Skea 22- 6.

Other semi-finals played were the mixed singles in which Jim Arthur faced Emma Philip. Nothing separated them until the 10th end when Jim started to draw away and he went on to take the game 21-10. In the other semi, Bob Skea and May Smith had a really close game throughout. May was leading 20-15 when Bob took a two a three and then a one to take the game 21-20


Saturday’s fixtures were a home game against Newport which Abbey won 90-54 and an away fixture at Craigie where the visitors lost 122-113.

Abbey v Newport

16 D. Middleton S. Jamieson 13

23 D. Whitton M. Latto 20

21 J. Arthur R. Craik 9

30 J.K. Paterson J. Paterson 12

Craigie v Abbey

16 R. Tay T. Coull 21

11 W. Petrie R. Wilson 32

23 I. McLow B. Johnston 13

35 G. Nixon R. Webster 12

23 B. Thoms T. Mill 17

14 B. McAlpine F. Cook 18

The final of the Nominated Fours was won by Sean Matthew, Jim Cuthill, Sam Russell and Ali Burnett who defeated Tom Mill, Brian Johnston, Declan Johnston and Luke Waddilove 16-10.

Lochlands Club

Friendly games

Lochlands v Laurencekirk

14 C. Blyth S. Wilson 10

13 J. Cargill F. Young 9

12 D. Dargie W. Neill 13

39 32

Lochlands v Kirriemuir

19 C. Blyth G. Balfour 6

12 W. Keillor K. Cochrane 18

14 R. Kidd W. Burness 28

45 52

Unfortunately the club did not fare too well in the Gents’ Town Championships, with the singles and triples beaten in the finals.

All Nominated Competition finals will be contested this week and next.

A friendly game will be played against Maryfield tomorrow (Saturday), 2 p.m. start.

Ladies’ Section

The ladies played their final friendly at home against Laurencekirk and won by one shot.

The Nominated Pairs final resulted in a win for Irene Farquhar and Sheena Urquhart who took the game 19-13 against Ethel Thomson and Marion Wilson.

Newgate Club

Newgate Bowling Club had only one friendly on Saturday which was away to Aberdeen Northern and resulted in a comfortable win for the visitors.

Aberdeen Northern v Newgate

10 A. Slessor C. Plawecki 19

15 D. Leslie A. Smith 21

17 C. Robson F. Szatan 16

13 A. Gannon T. Reid 34

19 I. Sinclair T. Pullar 13

13 I. Hepaway M. Flynn 22

87 125

Games for tomorrow (Saturday) are at home to Kirriemuir, which is sponsored by David Mackay, Funeral Directors, Arbroath, and away to Duffus Park, Cupar, Fife. The away team bus will leave at 1 p.m.

Gents’ Town Championships

The Town Championships for this year were held at Newgate Bowling Club on Saturday. Congratulations were extended to the Newgate rinks team of John Mcllhatton, Brian Sibley, Scott Sibley and Alex Napier who secured the rinks trophy to the delight of the home crowd. The pairs team of Harry Burnett and Eric Milne put up a valiant effort but were narrowly beaten to the finishing line by the team from Arbroath.

The Club Round Robin takes place on Sunday (September 8) with a 10 a.m. start. Members please check the notice board for team selections and starting times.

There are two games left to play in the Monday Points League with six points up for grabs. The leading contenders are Scott Sibley 27, Bob Jackson 22, Bill Sturrock 20, Wullie Cargill 19 and Mike Flynn and Sandy Smith 18.

The Newgate Seniors were League Champions for the 2013 season. On Friday at Newgate they held a friendly seven-rink game with an Angus Senior League Select team which was followed by a meal and presentation of the cup by league president Bob Kidd to Newgate president John Stirling.

Before the game Mr Stirling was presented with the Angus Senior League Champions flag which was proudly flown throughout the afternoon.

The Vets Singles final was played on Wednesday afternoon between Jim Spence and Tom Pullar.

The Saskia Trophy is now down to the final stage with Scott Sibley playing Grant Ross on a date to be arranged. Grant made it into the final on Tuesday night when he played Brian Sibley and spoiled a family affair in the final. Brian started off well but ran out of steam and Grant finished the stronger to earn a place in the final against Scott.

Bob Spence earned a place in the final of the Consolation Cup competition when he overcame John Mcllhatton on Tuesday evening. He now awaits the outcome between Jim Butler and Willie Johnston who are still to play the other semi-final game on a date yet to be arranged.

Sye Pearson made it in to the final of the Handicap Cup at the expense of Harry Cargill in the semi-final which was played last Tuesday. He now awaits the outcome of the other semi-final between Grant Ross and Eric Milne which was played last night (Thursday).

Ladies’ Section

On Wednesday the ladies travelled to Canmore for their final three-rink friendly game of the season.

Today (Friday) the ladies gather at the club to contest the Jean Stewart Pairs competition. Ladies who are taking part are asked to attend at the clubrooms no later than 1.30 p.m. to enable the draw to take place for a 2 p.m. start.

Tonight (Friday) the final of the mixed pairs competition takes place with a 6 p.m. start. Going into battle are Tom Reid and Barbara Park who face Eric Milne and Ray Fraser.


Angus Trophy Centre Summer League

Doubles to be played on Monday (September 9) are as follows:

Millgate - D Hopkins and N Walker, G Dunsmore and S Berrie, S Forsyth and T Paul, D Balfour and J Cockburn, B Geddes and G Soutar, J Hatton and R Cimerinik, R Cartlidge and S Smith, W Whitson and L Tait, D Riddle and A Whitton, M Wilkie and M Gray, S Scragg and K Sanders, L Ritchie and C Taylor, L Hutcheson and J Burnett, T Stranock and G McKenzie, K Docherty and I McGowan, J Tasker and K Buick. Referee - B Geddes.

Cliffburn - S McCormack and R Crosbie, B Morrison and W Henderson, S Kerr and L Wilson, J Smith and E Smith, D MacKenzie (Snr) and D MacKenzie (Jnr), D Hunter and M Shepherd, T Coates and A Coates, S Falconer and S Robertson, G Christie and D Boath, J Kernan and I McLeod, R Collier and R Falkner, I McAllan and C Innes, N Wight and S Watson, D Anderson and M Anderson, J Soutar and K Miller. Referee - S McCormack

Bowlers - P Falconer and D Falconer, I McKenzie and D Stott, J Duncan and K Miller, P Gillespie and M Barthorpe, D Cargill and D Mann, K Lavery and G MacDougall, A Bruce and D Cook, S Allardice and J Cooper, S Watson and C Watson, C Bruce and S Cook, G Findlay and D Rutherford, B Girwood and W Kidd, M Dell and R Baird, A Smith and L Thomson, J Myles and D Bruce. Referee - D Bruce

Abbey - J Cargill and J Jackson, K McMillan and P Wiltosz, D Barthorpe and T Hopkins, M Smith and D Cameron, D Steele and D Steele, S Cook and I Christie, D Simpson and C Simpson, A Leonard and C Humphreys, E Will and C Dell, T Elliot and J Elliot, R Tosh and T Edney, H Havorkova and J Kidd, D Smith and D Cooper, A Burnett and B McDonald, C Tosh and M Tosh. Referee - D Simpson

Two to qualify from each venue. Sign in for 8 p.m. Results to be text to M. Shepherd on 07719160033. Could the winners of last yea’rs trophies please return them to B Geddis or hand into the commercial as soon as possible.

Ladies’ League

Division One, Fixtures: Newgate (2) v Portcullis (2); Bowlers v Pageant; British Legion v Newgate (3); Cricket Club v Ram’s Heid (1); Lorne v Cliffburn (1).

Division Two, Fixtures: Burns v Millgate; Letham v Commercial (2); Portcullis (1) v L.B.C.; St Tam’s v Railway; Ram’s Heid (2) v Newgate (1).

Division Three, Fixtures: Abbey (1) v Tutties (1); Commercial (1) v Stag; Tutties (2) v Abbey (2); Cliffburn (2) v Letham Hotel; Westport Bar v Central.


St Tams top the lot

St Tams returned to the top of the Arbroath Domino League with a win on over Abbey on Tuesday.

Porty lost pole position being defeated by Central who joined them in joint second. Corner are a point further back.

Results: Porty 4, Central 8; Ram’s Heid 5, Newgate 7; Bowlers 6, Corner Bar 6; Lorne 5, Westport Bar 7; St Tams 8, Abbey 4.

P W D L F A Pts

St Tams 17 11 3 3 122 82 25

Porty 17 9 6 2 123 81 24

Corner 17 8 8 1 114 90 24

Central 17 9 5 3 116 88 23

Newgate 17 8 3 6 101 103 19

Ram’s Heid 17 5 6 6 98 106 16

Bowlers 17 4 5 8 100 104 13

Abbey 17 4 4 9 92 112 12

Westport 17 4 4 9 90 114 12

Lorne 17 0 2 15 64 140 2

Fixtures for Tuesday: Corner Bar v St Tams; Lorne v Bowlers; Porty v Newgate; Abbey v Westport Bar; Central v Ram’s Heid.

Results to be ‘phoned to 07780 504108 on the night.


Arbroath Artisans

Saturday, Spoon, August 31, entry 66, scratch to 12 – G. Caird (12) 65; S.W. Cargill (5) 66, bih; J. Reid (12) 66; I. Pringle (12) 67. Thirteen - 28 B. Robertson (14) 67; J. Paterson (19) 68, bih;; G. Faulkner (16) 68; A. Martin (27) 69.

Sunday, September 1, Moore Cup, round four, entry 45, CSS 70, scratch to 28 – S.W. Cargill (5) 67; F. Murray (18) 69, bih; R. Ross (26) 69, bih; D. Blue (14) 69.

Ladies’ Section

Saturday, August 31, Ladies’ Championship (scratch), winner - Elaine Shepherd; Handicap winner - Elizabeth Masson.

Tuesday Sweep, September 3, CSS: 73 – 1, W. Edwards (10) 69; 2, L. Birse (17) 76.

Letham Grange


Wednesday, August 28, Stableford, Old Course, white tees – B. Currie, 36 pts; A. Strachan, 32 pts; L. Rose, 32 pts; N. Clark, 28 pts; G. Mitchell, 27 pts.