Latest action from around the local greens

Some of the youngsters under tutition pictured at the Abbey green with their coaches as they took possession of the new bowls purchased thanks to a grant from Angus Council's Grant Scheme.
Some of the youngsters under tutition pictured at the Abbey green with their coaches as they took possession of the new bowls purchased thanks to a grant from Angus Council's Grant Scheme.

Abbey Club

IT WAS not a good start to Abbey Bowling club’s Angus League campaign. Although the green was playing OK, conditions were not good and on a wet and miserable night Abbey lost their first home game to Fairfield 32-49. Selectors are staying with the same squad for this week’s away game at Kirriemuir. Please meet at the club for 5.15 p.m.

Abbey v Fairfield

6 J.K. Paterson J. Taylor 18

11 M. Anderson H. Grieves 11

15 K. Tosh J. Craig 20

32 49

Saturday’s fixtures were at home against Lochee and the away game was at Dundee’s Hillcrest Club, where they could only provide three triples and one rink costing them three-quarters of their score and giving Abbey the win by nine shots.

Abbey v Lochee

12 D. Middleton S. Garlander 32

20 C. McKay T. Morrison 10

25 B. Tosh D. Dailly 23

14 F. Cook J. Milne 22

22 J. Lowson T. Johnston 10

20 J. Arthur W. Milne 22

123 119

Hillcrest v Abbey

14 Ali Burnett D.C. Love 17

17 D. Wilson W. Thomson 16

20 J. Crichton D. McLean 17

15 J. Cuthill I. Lowe 25

66 75

This year’s Seniors Scottish ties began on Monday with both gents rinks failing to progress as they lost 17-15 to Baxter Park at Monifeith and 18-15 to Balgay at Carnoustie West End. However, the ladies saved face as they won well, beating Monifeith 24-9 at Carnoustie West End.

This week’s Seniors’ Angus League game was at home against Carnoustie West End. Two rinks won comfortably and although the other struggled, they fought back well to find themselves one shot up going into the last end only for Carnoustie West End to draw the shot to get a draw giving Abbey a 6-1 win.

Abbey v Carnoustie WE

11 J. Fairweather R. Brown 11

22 B. Taylor A. Adam 3

21 B. Tosh A. Fyffe 6

54 20

All the juniors will be taking part in the Young Bowlers’ Association singles on Sunday, which is being held at the Abbey green this year. The district winner will qualify to play in the finals at Ayr.

The club was successful in obtaining 10 sets of bowls and carriers through the Angus Council Grant Scheme which is appreciated and will be an asset when coaching the local schools as well as the club juniors.

Arbroath BC

Friendly results:

Arbroath v Dudhope

16 G. Stewart G. Lyall 18

13 D. Cowie W. Ray 20

28 G. Mathieson R. Davidson 14

18 J. Bogue J. Darcy 17

75 69

Invergowrie v Arbroath

19 W. Tapes R. Beattie 26

12 J. Bolag D. Strachan 30

15 D. Dunlop E. Eaton 26

9 H. Davidson D. Gallacher 29

55 111

Angus League

Friday’s curtain raiser was postponed due to inclement weather and had been rearranged for Tuesday past.

This week sees the Maroons head up to Dundee to play Dudhope in a mouth-watering clash. The Dundee giants, just pipped to the title last year, will be hoping to turn the tables and get the win they desire against the title favourites. The Maroons hope to give Darren Burnett his league debut.

Top Ten

BIG-TIME bowls return to Arbroath this weekend as East Lothian ‘cracks’, Cockenzie & Port Seaton lock horns with the Maroons in the Scottish Top Ten.

Although the visitors will be a hard nut to crack, home advantage might just see the Maroons progress.

The match is being sponsored by Terry and Anne Coates from the Corner Bar and with a 2 p.m. start, the Hill will be buzzing with the large crowd.


Under the auspice of new head coach Bruce Waddell the Seniors romped to a 7-0 victory against Montrose.

Newgate v Abbey

13 D.C. Swankie K. Tosh 16

8 S. Sibley J.K. Paterson 15

18 G. Fechlie M. Anderson 11

39 42

Lochlands Club

THE RECENT Angus League game was played in very inclement weather and Lochlands narrowly lost to Letham by nine shots.

Lochands v Letham

18 K. Moir T.W.C. Aitchison 22

10 D. Brown M. Andrews 11

15 R. Wilson I. Ritchie 19

43 52

Saturday friendly

Lochlands v Friockheim

33 R. Johnstone S. West 7

22 J. Cargill S. Melrose 20

15 I. Farquhar I. Lawson 24

17 J. Johnston I. West 26

87 77

Angus Senior League

Lochlands v Newgate

11 W. Cargill T. Pullar 17

8 K. Moir M. Flynn 22

28 P. Gersok J. Spence 12

47 51

Newgate won five points to two.

Newgate Club

Angus League

THE FIRST Angus League game of the season at home against Brechin scheduled for last Friday was cancelled due to heavy rain. The game was played on Tuesday in more reasonable weather with Newgate winning by 57-39.

Newgate v Brechin

20 D.C. Swankie R. Lockhart 6

25 S. Sibley I. Barclay 11

12 G. Fechlie E. Bailley 22

57 39

Tonight (Friday) Newgate travel to Broughty for the second fixture of the season.

Saturday friendlies

On Saturday, the friendlies were at home to Brechin and away to Broughty Castle with the home game sponsored by Dave Hodgens and family. The club had mixed fortunes winning the home game and losing the away game.

Newgate v Brechin

27 J. Spence R. Lockhart 6

20 G. Skelton I. Barclay 16

17 A. Napier G. Allison 15

32 J. Stirling R. Ritchie 12

16 G. Fechlie E. Bailley 26

17 A. Low F. Szatan 19

129 94

Broughty Castle v Newgate

17 L. Silver T. Reid 12

23 D. Rintoul C. Cooper 6

14 J. Cochrane R. Webster 12

8 S. Hanlon B. Sibley 15

62 45

The friendlies for tomorrow (Saturday) are home and away with Craigie with the away team bus leaving at 1.30 for a 2.30 p.m. start. The home game is being sponsored by F.R. Milne

Bowls Scotland

The seniors kicked off their Bowls Scotland championships on Monday when in the singles Jim Robbie played Brechin at Montrose and lost out in a close encounter 20-21. The rinks team of Willie Smith (2) Bob Spence, Ken Swan and Harry Burnett (skip) played Fairfield at Carnoustie and suffered the same fate, going down 14-15.

The first round of the men’s championships got under way last night (Thursday) when, in the junior singles, Sean Jarret played Brechin at Hope Paton. In the singles, Graham Fechlie played Carnoustie West End at Arbroath and in the pairs Alan Low and Eric Milne played Barnhill at Carnoustie West End. The triples of Scott Sibley, Dave Spalding and Jim Butler played Forfar at Broughty and in the rinks Don McIvor, Tom P. Cargill, Tom Reid and Alex Napier faced Lochlands at Abbey.

On Monday (May 13) the second round of the seniors goes ahead with Eric Milne playing Barnhill at Monifieth in the singles and, in the rinks, the team of Tom Fraser, Gibby Lawson, Mike Flynn and Jim Spence playing Arbroath at Lochlands.


On Tuesday, the seniors entertained Lochlands and won the game by the overall score of five points to two.

Newgate v Lochlands

12 J. Spence P. Gersok 28

17 T. Pullar W. Cargill 11

22 M. Flynn K. Moir 8

51 47

On Tuesday (May 14) the seniors are away to Arbroath.

Club Quiz

Tomorrow (Saturday) after the home game against Craigie, the evening’s entertainment starts at 8 p.m. and consists of a quiz with questionmaster Gibby Lawson

Pend Trophy

The two bowl club singles competition for the Pend Trophy takes place next Sunday (May 19) with a 10 a.m. start. Members are asked to check the noticeboard and indicate with a tick against their names if they intend to take part in the competition.

Ladies’ Section

The ladies’ Bowls Scotland Championships get underway on Monday (May13). In the singles, Irene Hill plays against Barnhill at Monifieth with a 2 p.m. start.