Latest action from around the greens

Abbey Club

ABBEY Bowling Club’s Seniors Angus League game was away to Lochlands and resulted in a 7-0 win for the visitors. The midweek friendly was away to Fairfield and although Abbey lost 82-80 members had a most enjoyable day.

Fairfield v. Abbey

24 B. Steele B. Tosh 23

21 T. Tyrell D. Whitton 22

20 H. Honeyman J. Lowson 17

17 I. McNicoll R.A. Skea 18

82 80

Friday night’s Angus League game was at home against a strong Forfar side. The game swung one way then the other until, on the last end with Abbey sitting one shot up and lying two for the game, the last bowl went to Forfar who drew the shot to earn a draw.

Abbey v. Forfar

14 J. Arthur S. Clarke 11

17 M. Anderson N. McIntosh 21

16 J.K. Paterson M. Nicol 15

47 47

Saturdays fixtures were at home against Broughty which was won by Abbey and away to Invergowrie which Abbey lost .

Abbey v. Broughty

25 P. Speirs W. Kindlen 9

19 D, Whitton D. White 19

13 K. Tosh A. McGregor 19

31 D. Petrie M. Watt 9

10 J. Lowson N. Alexander 29

20 D. Middleton R. McPherson 15

118 100

Invergowrie v. Abbey

9 J. Ewing A. Burnett 33

28 L. Giving J.S. Paterson 15

21 W. Vannet D. Wilson 17

28 R. Biohdi J. Gibson 19

23 J. Stewart R. Tosh 19

109 103

The ladies’ championship rinks final was won by Lynn Whammond, Ann Burnett, Margaret Fraser and Helen Calder who defeated Davina McGregor, Mabel Main, May Smith and Doreen Thomson 15-13 .

The championship triples semi-final was won by Irene Eaton, Ann Taylor and Nina Sibley who beat Davina McGregor, Margaret Croll and Doreen Thomson 14-12 . In the final they were defeated 21-10 by Ella Webster, Lynn Whammond and Ely Marnie.

The midweek friendly was at home with Forfar as guests. Rinks skipped by Janette Tosh and Liz Lowson drew 10-10 and won 14-13 respectively for the club to win 24-23

In the Forfarshire pairs, Margaret Fraser and Gertrude Skea beat East End 21-12, while in the singles Kath Gordon won 21-14 against Boyle Park at Forfar.

In the Seniors’ Angus singles Tom Mill was beaten 21-10 by Jim Robbie from Newgate. The pairs, Dave Wilson and Ron Wilson, went down 16-5 against Muirhead, and the rink of Les Barnett, Dale Smith, John Lowson and Bob Skea fared no better, losing to Hillcrest 17-10.

Also in the Forfarshire Triples, Bob Tosh, Les Morrison and Jim Arthur lost 17-15 to Orchar Park after an extra end. On Sunday the weather stayed fine for the Abbey Open which was played down to the quarter finals. The following should report by 10.45 for an 11 a.m. start on Sunday (June 12): E. Cawthorne, J. Robbie, Newgate; J. Crichton, K. Gordon, J. Mathieson, J.S. Paterson, A. Burnett and D. Wilson.

Arbroath Club

ARBROATH were successful in the Angus Senior League last Tuesday when they defeated Parkview by five points to two.

ABA Angus League

Arbroath recorded a convincing 58-41 home win against Kirriemuir on Friday to go top of Division Two on shots difference.

Their next game is at home against Barnhill tonight (Friday).

Saturday friendlies

Arbroath v Montrose

27 R. Beattie J. Murray 18

5 G. Mathieson R. Christison 32

14 D. Cowie C. Burnett 16

14 J.L. Millar B. Christie 26

60 82

Kirriemuir v Arbroath

Graeme Duthie Memorial Trophy, first leg

28 C. Sutherland J. Bogue 14

16 A. Welsh A. Clarke 19

22 B. Buringer D. Skene 19

26 G. Milne W. Lawrence 10

18 G. Taylor E. Eaton 21

110 83

Kirrie take a 27-shot advantage into the second leg at Arbroath on September 17.

Lochlands Club

LOCHLANDS ladies gained ample revenge for a heavy defeat earlier in the season with a handsome victory over Arbroath.

Lochlands v. Arbroath

27 S. Urquhart D. Watt 4

21 Joyce Smith T. McKay 11

48 15

Renee-Taylor Trophy

The Lochlands rink was defeated 15-13 in the first round of the Renee-Taylor Trophy by Hope Paton.

Angus League

Lochlands slipped deeper into relegation trouble in Angus League Division Two when they suffered a nine-shot defeat at Barnhill.

They must win tonight (Friday) to have any chance of survival.

Barnhill v. Lochlands

17 C. Robertson R. Wilson 15

23 R. Gall H. Furye 9

11 H. Chapman K. Moir 18

51 (2 points) (0 points) 42

Gents’ friendly

Carnoustie WE v. Lochlands

29 J. Hampton K. Moir 8

29 K. McIntyre J. Smith 14

10 A. Fyffe Dave Smith 31

19 D. Adam R. Johnston 16

87 69

Angus Senior League

Boyle Park v. Lochlands

13 J. Penman W. Reid 12

13 D. Christie Dave Smith 10

12 E. Philip V. Beattie 14

38 (5 points) (2 points) 36

Newgate Club

Barclay Cup

THE NEWGATE Bowling Club team of Alec Cargill, Harry Burnett, Tom Pullar and Paul Gersok last Wednesday recorded a convincing 23-8 win over Broughty in the second round of the Barclay Cup competition.

Unfortunately, in the third round they lost 23-9 to a strong Kirriemuir team.

Bowls Scotland

The semi-finals of the Bowls Scotland competition took place on Thursday at Broughty Castle Bowling Club.

Newgate’s Scott Sibley beat John Cummings, Carnoustie, 21-12, in the singles and in the rinks event, the Newgate team of Tom Reid, Alec Napier, Graeme Fechlie and Sandy Smith played well for a 26-6 victory over Baxter Park after 15 ends.

In the finals, played last night (Thursday) at Forfar, Scott Sibley faced Brian Morris of Broughty Castle and the Newgate rink met their counterparts from Muirhead and Birkhill.

Angus League

On Friday evening, Newgate entertained Maryfield in an Angus League match and recorded a 23-shot victory.

Newgate v. Maryfield

20 D. Swankie C. Brunton 13

25 S. Sibley J. Quinn 8

13 A. Smith J. Aimer 14

58 35

Tonight (Friday) Newgate travel to meet Dudhope.

Angus Championships

The seniors began the first round of their Angus Championships programme on Monday.

Results were: singles - Jim Robbie played Abbey at Lochlands and won 21-9; pairs - Wullie Smith (2) and Harry Burnett played Brechin at Canmore and won 14-12; triples - Tom Fraser, Brian Sibley and Tam Pullar got a bye; fours - Tay Anderson, Ian Teviotdale, Dave Perkins and Mike Flynn played Parkview at Canmore and won 14-13.

The draw for the second round to be played on Monday is: singles - play Longforgan at Monifieth; pairs - play Craigie at Brechin; triples - play Dudhope at Carnoustie West End; fours - play Dudhope at Carnoustie.

Angus Seniors’ League

Newgate seniors travelled to Monifieth last Tuesday and lost by two rinks to one and by five points to two.

Monifieth v. Newgate

14 B. Hogan T. Pullar 7

12 P. Lowe J. Robbie 10

12 A. Sturrock K. Swan 20

38 37

Angus Championship

The first round of the Angus Championships took place on Tuesday.

In the junior singles, Raymond Murray played Parkview at Forfar and lost by 21 shots to nine.

In the Champion of Champions, Scott Sibley played Muirhead and Birkhill at Carnoustie and won 21-12.

Dave Spalding’s singles match against Hope Paton at Letham was rained off. The match is rescheduled for Monday.

Results were: pairs - Alec Napier and Graeme Fechlie played Carnoustie West End at Abbey and won 17-16; triples - Jim Butler, Harry Cargill and Jim Spence played Fairfield at Barnhill and won 16-10; fours - Jim Watt, Chris Plawecki, Willie Sturrock and Gary Davies played Longforgan at Monifieth and lost 24-8.

The second round will be played on Tuesday (June 14).

Saturday friendlies

Newgate had mixed fortunes on Saturday, winning at home and losing at Canmore in the double fixture. The home game was sponsored by the Hodgens family.

Newgate v. Canmore

22 B. Sibley D.A. Cairns 18

19 C. Plawecki D. Cairns 12

22 A. Smith L. Lindsay 14

21 K. Swan D. Stephen 15

19 A. Caird D.A. Stewart 16

32 M. Flynn M. Reid 12

135 87

Canmore v. Newgate

28 G.M. Stewart A. Low 7

22 B. Stephen W. Sturrock 19

20 N.W. Hoy J. Stirling 18

12 L. Ramsay S. Pearson 29

16 B. Low P. Gersok 15

18 B. Edwards A. Napier 18

116 106

Tomorrow (Saturday) the friendly fixtures are at home and away to Baxter Park. The away team bus leaves at 1 p.m. for a 2 p.m. start.

Married pairs

The married pairs competition takes place on Sunday (June 12). Members are asked to check the noticeboard for the draw and start times.

Ladies’ section

Newgate ladies entertained Carnoustie on Thursday, winning two rinks and losing the other.

Newgate v. Carnoustie

9 A. Johnston H. McGill 14

15 B. Park M. Crozier 9

18 S. Caird S. Taylor 14

42 37

The next friendly fixture is an evening game away to Monifieth on Thursday (June 16).

Cameron Trophy

The Cameron Trophy singles competition takes place today (Friday) with a 2 p.m. start.

Tayside Ladies

Kath Swan played in the singles of the Tayside Ladies’ competition at Arbroath on Friday when she faced Abbey’s Lynne Whammond and lost 21-2.

Tonight (Friday) the pairs team of Margaret Cargill and Pat Smith are in action at Forfar against Muirhead and Birkhill and the triples team of Stephanie Caird, Sharon Caird and Isobel Anderson face Brechin at Craigie.

Angus and Perthshire Ladies

The Newgate pairs of Janice Robertson and Ruth Ferguson played Montrose at Parkview in the Angus and Perthshire Ladies’ Championships, and the triples team of Barbara Park, Stephanie Caird and Mary Cossans met Arbroath at Abbey.